The Parable of The Unjust Judge and The Persistent / Prayerful Widow – Luke 18:1-8

Hillsborough – A Spiritual Reflection

Regarding Hillsborough, two well-known and much loved characters on Merseyside are Phil Scraton and James Jones. The former is an eloquent Professor, now working at Queen’s University, Belfast, the latter is a gently spoken retired former Bishop of Liverpool, who now works in the diocese of York.

Both proponents of truth, served on the highly influential Hillsborough Independent Panel and it is their report which is generally regarded as the tipping-point which turned the tide in favour of the families of the 96. The Professor is famous for authoring “Hillsborough The Truth”, while the former Bishop caught my attention for his personal reflections and daily prayer routine, as taken from the Gospel of Luke, and the “Parable of The Unjust Judge and Persistent Widow”.

Towards the end of 2016, in recognition for their contributions on Hillsborough, both were offered awards on the queen’s New Year’s Honours List. There was a knighthood for James Jones, which he accepted, and an OBE on offer for the Edge Hill Harbourer of Truth, which he declined. More recently, both the Professor and the Bishop were sent the Hillsborough Ripple Effect link, and a DVD of the film. Both have since kindly acknowledged receipt. The Bishop promptly and somewhat understandably signposted the IPCC. The Professor, acknowledged the film, and the complex issues raised within it. Gratitude was expressed regarding our applause over his rejection of one of Elizabeth’s gongs. Following this, and in a second email to the Bishop, the issue of his “knighthood acceptance” was raised, in a courteous and challenging way, and related to his use over the years, of Jesus’ parable. The Bishop’s deployment of it, was something to which I could readily relate. My correspondence with the Bishop, and with the Professor can be read at the end of this article.


Following that introduction, the rest of this article concerns itself with the huge significance of The Parable of the Persistent Widow, verse by verse, as applied, in the context of the ongoing justice for the 96 campaign and the events at Hillsborough in 1989.

The purpose of the parable, as deployed publicly by James Jones, seems to have been to encourage the Hillsborough campaigners to persevere in their faith against all odds. Indeed, in verse 1, Jesus focuses the parable on the point, that we are “to pray always and to not lose heart”.

As JAH’s/Muad’Dib’s Hillsborough Ripple Effect film points out in its opening, Prime Minister Thatcher hated Liverpudlians. Working for the fake queen Elizabeth, the power-crazed Margaret Thatcher was, in effect, the nation’s top judge, who feared not God, neither regarded man. Thatcher was urged to let Liverpool decline in the aftermath of the Toxteth Riots in 1981. Thatcher had also amply demonstrated her disregard for a community, both before, during, and after the Battle of Orgreave, which took place near to Sheffield, in June 1984.

Verse 3 above, implies that the widow has some sort of grievance, and she appeals to the judge asking for justice. For the families of the 96, there were many widows from the city of Liverpool who were dreadfully affected by the sudden turn of events in 1989, and there are widows still alive and affected by it now. They are still relentlessly pursuing the fight for justice against their adversaries and against all odds.

I must profusely apologise here because I do not know all the persistent widows associated with the campaign for justice for the 96, but the following four, are prominent ones, as their moving testimonies have appeared in some elements of the press, and their testimonies help illustrate the true meaning of this parable. In doing this, I acknowledge that there will be many more equally tragic and moving accounts with equally moving and tragic stories in their own right, but, sadly, it is not practical for me, to cover them all here. I hope that is understood. The names of four persistent widows and their moving testimonies are replicated here, as follows:

Anne Burkett and her step-son Peter

Margaret Aspinall and her son James

Teresa Glover and her son Ian

Mary Corrigan and her son Keith McGrath

At the time of writing this article, I also came across this very moving testimony by Steve Kelly. Steve lost his brother Michael. Steve talks at length about his strained relationship with his widowed mother, in the aftermath of the disaster.

Over the years the identities of the real adversaries of the persistent widows, who have stood in the way of justice, have become self-evident.

Bill Kenwright, of the Biblical and highly significant “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” fame, had it right, when, after reading about “steadfastness” from Philippians 4, at Anfield on the 24th anniversary, he heaped praise for the work of mum, Margaret, just one of the many “Persistent and Prayerful Widows” over the years.

The Mums Who Never Gave Up

Bill Kenwright’s Full Speech

The Unjust Judge CURRENTLY in the guise of Theresa May, is only too happy to usher in the proposed Hillsborough Law. With respect, Andy Burnham has got it all wrong on this issue. The cunning plan is that granting this legislation, helps appease the likes of Anne Burkett, who has earnestly strived to promote it, with all the best intentions in the world. It is a concession, they are all too happy to ritualistically make. They will do this to be seen as caring, when they plainly are not.

All the Hillsborough Law does, however, is this. It serves to make the lawyers richer and it provides false comfort to the truth and justice campaigners for the 96. It is yet more legislation, to be retrospectively used, primarily as an excuse for not having done what should have been done in the first place. If the current course of action regarding the Hillsborough Law, is not reversed, this legislation will be used to help temporarily cover up the cracks of an utterly corrupt and broken system, in the Back-Sliding Britain of 2017.

Mrs May serves the queen, who promised in her Coronation Oath to maintain God’s Law to the utmost of her power. Yet, God’s Law forbids such legislation, because it is designed to enslave you all. The queen breaks her oath on it, on a daily basis, and thus she has broken her promise to God.

In the New Year’s Honours List 2015, Persistent Widow, Margaret Aspinall was awarded with a CBE.

The Guardian quoted Margaret as saying this:

“I feel so humble about it, I really do. We are at the inquests at the moment and to me that’s the most important thing, so I was in a dilemma – do you accept or do you not accept? Because so many people were involved in all this. Then I thought there could not be a nicer way to end the year, to accept it on behalf of all those people involved.

“People are seeing now, the real people, what the genuine people are like, and the people who stood by the families and stayed with them all these years, so it’s for them as well.”

Theresa May, using all her scheming, politician’s rhetorical skills, said this: 

“This April, when the fresh inquests delivered their conclusions, they made clear to the whole nation what the Hillsborough families have known to be true from the beginning – that the fans were blameless.”

“Thanks to their resolve we now know the truth about what happened that day. This award is for all those who lost their lives at Hillsborough and their families who have shown immense courage and determination.”

Their problem is that, contrary to what Mrs May might say, ‘The Hillsborough Ripple Effect Film’ shows beyond all reasonable doubt that the Tory government knew the truth back in 1989. They knew the truth before the disaster happened, because it was they, who planned the event secretly, together with senior police officers in South Yorkshire Police and other trusted accomplices in crime. The only difference between the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989 and The London Bombings of 2005, was that with 7/7, it was the Labour Government, under Tony Blair, not the Tories under Thatcher, who planned it all, in order to dupe the nation. Their ends justify their means. They planned 7/7 with senior police officers from the Metropolitan Police, with South Yorkshire Police involvement, albeit, with that force, only playing a subsidiary role, alongside West Yorkshire Police, on that fateful day.

Margaret ‘You’ve picked on the wrong city’ Aspinall, needs to understand that those worthless gongs and awards received from the fraudulent queen, and Mrs May, were disingenuously awarded. Margaret’s powerful testimony alone, speaks for itself. She has no need for this distraction. Government sweeteners like this, are sly and devious. Such sweeteners have been offered and awarded only because of the sterling efforts of one persistent widow, representing many, have exposed them, well-beyond their normal comfort zone. Mrs May’s hugs are masked by a smiling face of evil. Mrs May is now at the forefront of the beastly system, which Jesus’ parable represents symbolically as the “Unjust Judge”. The only reason Mrs May gave Margaret, and Trevor Hicks and James Jones, awards was because mum Margaret, in her absolute steadfastness and resolve, became a bit of a bother and a nuisance to the powers-that-be. Nothing has changed, since the Thatcher era. Nothing has changed since the time of Jesus. The deception continues unabated. Phil Scraton had it right by shunning his offer of an award, and by having nothing to do with their fruitless deeds of darkness.

The honours were given in a desperate attempt to prematurely bring closure to the fight for justice, and put an end to it before the real ugly truth came to light, and the culprits were found out and exposed. Phil Scraton should be thanked and congratulated for not falling for their devious ploy and PR stunt.

To see how their exquisite torment of the families of the 96, continues, one need look no further than the ongoing squabble between David Crompton, the former Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, and Alan Billings, the current Police and Crime Commissioner. The established order have even managed to craftily punish the families for that fiasco, by having yet another Unjust Judge called Sharp, fix it that five of the families cop for Crompton’s illegal fees, to the tune of £28,000. Surely, enough is enough here, and it’s all well and good for Elkan Abrahamson (far right below) to state the obvious, that ‘the families are upset’. The families should refuse to pay a single penny towards a villain like David Crompton and his filthy, stinking-rich legal-team.

Fresh evidence of the ongoing deception can be gleaned from the fact the Theresa May’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd shut down the possibility of an Inquiry into Orgreave, despite previous promises. That’s because they know full well that Orgreave, is intrinsically linked with Hillsborough, with former ACC Walter Jackson, once again being protected by the establishment, just like Coroner Goldring unashamedly shielded him from any adversarial questioning, at the Warrington inquests.

While wrong about “The Hillsborough Law”, Andy Burnham had it right on this occasion: Orgreave and Hillsborough are intrinsically linked. However, Andy Burnham failed to declare that Hillsborough and The Battle of Orgreave were both pre-planned by Thatcher and her government foot-soldiers, namely South Yorkshire Police, in the guise of Messieurs’s Wright, Hayes and Jackson. Barbara Jackson, of The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, no relation to Walter, needs support too.

As things stand, Mrs May and Mrs Rudd are prepared to allow David Duckenfield to be offered up as their scapegoat, in the hope that that will be just about enough to appease the “worn-out” families of the 96. Throw in a few gongs for good measure and give them some financial compensation, and everything for them, will be hunky-dory in the garden, once again, or so they think, and hope. The cover-up continues unabated. The deceit must be exposed. The battle, sadly, is far from won.

Verse 8 of The Parable Explained in a Hillsborough Context

Having enticed Margaret the Persistent Widow, Trevor Hicks, and the HFSG, to prematurely accept their sweeteners in 2015, we now return to where this article started with the Bishop and the Professor. Towards the end of 2016, Elizabeth Mary Alexandra Battenburg and her cronies, tried to trick both a Professor and a former Bishop, with a title and with one of her silly medals. A knighthood for the Oxford Bishop, and an OBE for the Edge Hill Harbourer of Truth was duly on offer. The contrasting response to Lizzy’s dangled gongs, from the two Hillsborough Independent Panel members is eye-opening. The bishop wore his trophy with pride, albeit tinged with sadness, while the professor diplomatically declined his gong out of principle and protest.

Both the Professor and the Bishop were sent the Hillsborough Ripple Effect link and DVD, in early April 2017. Both have since kindly acknowledged receipt of the film. The Bishop, via a Home Office official, promptly and predictably signposted the IPCC, in a kind of revolving-door-syndrome. The Professor, in a very friendly email and in more personal terms, commented that the issues raised in the film, were complex.

Testimonies, Not Titles Matter To God

Given my own affinity with the parable of the Unjust Judge and Persistent Widow, stemming from 2010, when I refused to bear false witness for both South Yorkshire Police, and the government, there was a compulsion to write further to the Bishop about his interesting deployment of the parable. Jesus’ parable had once been described to me as the imagery of a “boxing match”, with God giving Satan a black-eye. Therefore, I implored the bishop to further reflect on the meaning of the parable and to give Satan a black-eye himself, by throwing a perfectly-timed punch, metaphorically speaking. That punch by the way, if thrown, would entail the Bishop temporarily handing back his knighthood gong to Elizabeth and her cronies, until such time as real justice is delivered, and that will not happen under her evil reign. None of that is suggested to detract from the accomplishments of the Hillsborough Independent Panel, in turning the tide in favour of the families, back in 2012.

The principle at stake here is that none of The Persistent Widows of his favourite parable, as applied by him, directly to the Hillsborough situation, have been granted justice by any of the Unjust Judges. Unlawful Killing notwithstanding, the fact remains that nobody has been held to account. Nobody has been punished. JAH and I, were rather hoping that bringing this fact to the Bishop’s attention, would influence him to ditch his gong, forthwith, either on the anniversary date of Hillsborough, or on the day after, when families of the 96 attended a special Anglican Cathedral service, which the Bible and Jesus clearly tells you all not to do. Bear in mind in 2017, this service occurred on the date when so-called Christians throughout the world, show their disrespect to Christ by partaking in their Easter Bunny rituals. The deception of church and state knows no bounds.

Those anniversary dates have now been and gone, and all we have is silence. To the best of our knowledge, the former Bishop of Liverpool and local hero, is still burdened with his back-sliding piece of worthless British baggage. The pious and prayerful former bishop of Liverpool, high up within the Church of England Satanic Priesthood structure, was premature in the acceptance of his award. By not responding decisively over a matter of the utmost importance, he has, so far, abjectly failed to walk his talk. With respect, James Jones, needs to set an example for others to follow, and give back his gong immediately. If he won’t do that, perhaps Trevor Hicks, and / or the Persistent Widow Margaret Aspinall, will help show the Bishop how to walk his talk, and lead the way?

The meaning of verse 8 in the Parable of The Persistent Widow is deeply profound. To truly understand its huge significance in connection with the Hillsborough Disaster in the city of Sheffield on 15th April 1989, readers to this point, are encouraged to read the article in the link below for the all important clue.

On The Way to Emmaus Again (Scripture explained again at the end of the 20th Century) by JAH


Psalm 118:8 [It is] better to trust in the “I AM” than to put confidence in man.

All Holy Scripture used in this article has been taken from JAH’s King of kings’ Bible.