The Armour Of God


Following a series of rapid fire ram’s horn raids outside New Scotland Yard, Paddington Green Police Station, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the offices of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the former South Yorkshire Police headquarters in Snig Hill Sheffield, and also after a cold call on the doorstep of the other Tony, the former prime minister, Farrell returned to Sheffield in order to resume his three year long offensive against police corruption and cover-up by his former employers.

On a fine balmy afternoon in July 2013, this time without a shofar to blow, but instead armed with the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, Farrell plodded purposefully past police vans in the car park of South Yorkshire Police’s new masonic-looking headquarters premises. Stopping just outside the reception front door Farrell stood in full view. Before he got chance to draw upon his sword and begin his attack, he was immediately confronted by a government-footsoldier trying to order him off the police premises. Spiritual warfare ensued when Farrell put on the full armour of God and went on the offensive with the sword of the Spirit. See how Farrell’s former employers react as the tension grew, as Farrell read out loud verses, the very same verses he used four years ago from Ephesians 6, when former Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes sacked him for refusing to peddle government lies.