On the tenth anniversary of the London Bombings, the Masters of Spin film was first shown across the internet. To accompany the film, the following three open letters were released to the public. The first letter was to Boris Johnson Mayor of London. The second letter was to Jacqueline Putman, described as a 7/7 Survivor and the third letter was to Ros Morley, who lost her husband Colin, ten years ago to the day.

Masters of Spin


Boris Old Chap,

Please excuse me doing away with all the formalities, and, no disrespect intended to you,  but I struggle with titles and I frankly, can’t find it in myself to address anyone as the Right Honourable or even, as in your case, Lord Mayor.  Anyway, I hope this finds you well, in good spirit, and having a good day.  My purpose in writing to you arises from an urge to alert you to the premier showing of the brand new film entitled “The Masters of Spin”. You feature very prominently in it. Knowing how much you love cricket and appreciate politics, I could not resist presenting the film’s main themes around a character such as yourself.  You are TAILOR-MADE for the part.


On the eve of the start of a new ashes test match series, doubtless you will be looking forward to how the battle  for the ashes pans out between the old enemies, over the course of this summer. It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since Sheffield’s Michael Vaughan and his England team famously stirred up the nation’s interest, and brought the Ashes back to home to England. This after a sixteen year exile. Today though, I am equally sure that you will be all too conscious of the fact that the date of 7th July  2015 represents a very different battle. It being the ten year anniversary of the London Bombings which occurred on 7th July 2005.

This time last year, a dickie bird told me about your condemnation of an associated incident and your public declaration of shock and sadness. In a kind of Churchillian spirit, you exploited the occasion to make a rallying call to the troops, vowing publicly that London will never give in to terrorists. Your mantra last year was referring, not just to the bombings themselves, but it was addressing the unexpected turn of events at the 7/7 Memorial Monuments at Hyde Park. As you know, this “hit and run” overnight raid, happened just hours before the annual memorial services’ scheduled start-time. Anyway, Boris, enough said. Without further ado, I very much hope that you, in your three-fold roles of Mayor, politician and cricket-loving ambassador for England, take note of the feature film made especially for you, and ponder on the vitally important messages contained within it.

But before viewing the Masters of Spin, knowing how scholarly you are in the classics, I thought a little short-film inspired by Marcus Tullius Cicero would set-up the scene quite nicely.

Yours Sincerely

Tony Farrell

PS. Please send regards to an old working colleague of mine from my early career spent with South Yorkshire Police. I can happily send Sir Bernard a free copy of the film, but I thought it best to share this letter with you first. If you approve so far, you might like to consider watching it together over some pop-corn. I trust you don’t mind me borrowing a bit of “Borodin for Boris”, to set the tone.



Dear Jacqueline,

I write to you in my capacity of a former Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police, and as someone who has taken an interest in the events of 7/7, ever since I was rudely awoken to the truth behind the attacks. For me, that awakening came on 7th July 2010, exactly five years after the terrible event.

Firstly, I wish to acknowledge the fact that last year, you publicly declared that you found the actions with respect to the defacing of the 7/7 Hyde Park memorial very distressing. I can fully understand that. However, reference to your assertion that this incident, taking place a year ago, was an act carried out by young people, as a former intelligence analyst, I feel compelled to write to you to suggest that your preconceived perpetrator profile, is unlikely to match the reality of the situation.

My guess is that one of the purposes of those shocking series of red and black paint daubs a year ago, was partly for the benefit of survivors like you. My guess that it was done in the hope that before you grow much older, you might somehow come to an understanding of the implications behind the fact that actually, four young Muslim lads, did NOT do 7/7. The plain truth of the matter is that MI5 did it, almost certainly with full British government complicity.

Frankly, Jacqueline, Mohammed Siddique Khan (pictured above), as the young lad blamed for blowing up the Edgware Road train, was not sat close by to you on the tube train on that fateful day, as you have been led to believe by the government and the 7/7 inquests presided over by Lady Injustice Hallett. Mohammed Siddique Khan was not even on the train which exploded. Mohammed Siddique Khan did NOT detonate any home made ruck-sack bomb. The explosion which you appear to have  witnessed, was caused by a military grade explosive and came from beneath the under-carriage of the tube train. This is not party politicking, but the plain facts of the matter are that, with respect to the London Bombings, an evil British political establishment, have lied to, and hoodwinked both you as a survivor, and the rest of the nation as mostly  gullible spectators. We have become a nation of nodding donkeys and herded cattle.

The levels of deceit, of most, if not all of our senior politicians, knows no bounds. Forgive me for the hurt that this degree of brutal frankness will probably cause you, but I know it is high time to awaken you and other survivors from your propaganda imposed slumber, and expose you to the real truth, no matter how traumatic and painful that may be to hear. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to be cruel, in order to be kind. Only the truth can set you free.

If my understanding is correct, and by your own admission, the 7/7 inquests did not allow you, as a survivor of the Edgware Road attack, to have any of your questions answered. Quotes attributable to you say this.

“We have many questions that need answering. We were allowed to submit these questions to the security services, but these questions were not answered.”

“Our role now will only be one of answering questions which we will do willingly if we are asked, but our questions will not be answered. “We feel like we have been shunted aside and we will have no voice. There is disappointment there.”

While those sham Lady inJustice Hallett inquests were unfolding, our utterly corrupt and crooked establishment were simultaneously plotting to ensure that real truth about 7/7 was suppressed. This a corrupt and evil establishment did, when it was arranged for the 7/7 Ripple Effect  Film-maker, Muad’Dib to be unlawfully jailed for the duration of the entire inquest hearings to prevent him from attending and telling you all the  truth. The powers that be at that time, did this to him not because  Muad’Dib was guilty of any crime, but because Muad’Dib had simply stood up for truth and justice over 7/7 and placed himself in harms’ way, just to prevent a further miscarriage of justice that our police-state were hell-bent on imposing on Muslims.

With respect, you need to realise this. Since that fateful day ten years ago, successive governments have been deliberately lying to the British public and the world at large about the 7/7 attacks, and it is only by knowing and accepting this very painful truth, that the nation, the families and friends of all the lost, and the 7/7 survivors affected by the trauma, can be set free from this plainly obvious and provable act of police-state tyranny and evil-deed most foul.

Deep down, you know that you have been denied the truth. I put it to you that what is disrespectful to the dead, is not so much a few daubs of red and black paint on some stupid steel pillars, but rather the big untruth  behind the 7/7 official narrative. All the pretence has to stop. The deceit has to be exposed otherwise left unchecked, matters will get far worse and you and we will never have the truth and justice.

Jacqueline, if you have not already done so, I would urge you to watch the 7/7 Ripple Effect II film. If you watch that film, then you will discover who it is, that is writing this open letter to you now. I hope and pray that someday soon, you will be mature and strong enough to reflect upon the implications of coming to terms with the fact that the real perpetrators of this deadly and dastardly deed were not four suicidal Muslim lads, but rather, our nation’s leaders, and those in positions of power, trust and accountability.

The terrible cover-up continues to the present day, and frankly, the situation cannot beacceptable for a nation claiming to be free and humane, and an example for the rest of the world to follow. Such notions are insane. The cover-up of 7/7 should not be acceptable to the nation. What the establishment have done is truly monstrous and barbaric.  Knowing what I know, I have made a film about all this. Boris Johnson as the Mayor of London features in it. It is entitled “The Masters of Spin”. I hope you watch it. The link for watching is below.

But one thing I know for sure, God will not be mocked with this. Please be clear on this, because one thing is certain: those four young lads who have been outrageously wrongfully blamed, were not the murderers;  they were assassinated victims and they should from here-on-in, be numbered with the dead.

As things stand, those monuments in the form of fifty-two gimmicky steel girders, bear no respect for the dead whatsoever. I say that confidently, but with great sadness, because at the moment, the only thing those vertical steel represent are symbols of a dreadful, monstrous government state-sponsored act of tyranny and cover-up. Protruding from the ground, high and erect, those 52 3.5m steel girders are an abomination to God. They represent the equivalent of a government  V-sign to the rest of humanity. The million pound monuments need taking down fast, because they tell of a falsehood and an ongoing fabricated terror threat that for the soul’s sake must be exposed for the sham it is,otherwise it will just continue.

The only way the nation can properly respect the dead will be if the truth and real perpe-traitors be pursued relentlessly, and we come to terms  and acknowledge the fact that we have, as a nation, so far at least, been told a grotesque lie about what really happened that fateful day, ten years ago.

There are parallels here with Hillsborough and the families of the 96 who have, in a similar fashion, been denied truth and justice for so long. My  former police force, South Yorkshire Police, even today, still covers the  truth up about that particular tragedy, in much the same way as today’s  politicians, and those civil servants who sanctioned the erection of these  monuments, continue to hide the truth from the public about the deaths  of innocent people. One ought not to number the dead as 52. The four  lads blamed, did NOT do it, but were wiped out nevertheless. They met  their fate by being targeted patsies who were assassinated, some  distance away from the bomb sites in Canary Wharf. None of this is to  mention the assassination of the equally innocent Brazilian Jean Charles De Menezes two weeks later.

I am of the firm belief that it is imperative that ALL the families and friends, and the nation as a whole, come to know the truth about the reason why 56 innocent people lost their lives, and officially 770 others  were injured, and DEMAND the real perpe-traitors be brought to justice.  In this day and age, this sick nation of ours stands guilty of deliberately falsely accusing in public, without so much as a criminal trial, the wrong people for doing this murderous act. In turn, an indifferent public shows  wilful blindness to the clear facts which point towards the truth.

Men and women become complicit in the evil they fail to oppose. All this is unacceptable in the eyes of the Almighty God and the nation we know as the United Kingdom or Great Britain will be severely punished for  allowing such evil to prosper and go unchecked. It is not right for any of us to sit back and do nothing about this and let these traitors get off scot-free.

The only way those steel pillars can become a mark of respect to the dead, would be for our government to retract their narrative and rightfully acknowledge who the real killers were, then repent of their own  murderous acts and cease living out their wretched lie and accept their  punishment. Currently, those monuments resemble a curse placed on  the nation akin to the Mark of Cain, which happened in old testament  times, immediately after Cain, the first son of Adam, slew his brother  Abel in what was the first murder committed here on Planet Earth. Just  as Cain could not hide his dirty deed from the eyes of God, neither will  our once great nation be able to hide their wickedness. The general  public are far too apathetic here for their own good. Their utterly selfish complacency must end. The successive evil governments ruling over us for the last decade, need to know that there are members of the public  who will not tolerate them falsely apportioning blame for their own deeds  on four young innocent brothers. I say again, make no mistake, these innocent lads were deviously groomed, as unsuspecting and innocent patsies, by the security services. Instead of countenancing the  perpetuation of the evil, the government needs to attribute the blame exactly where it belongs, on themselves.

The likelihood of ever getting a confession of guilt on this from the UK government, in our lifetime seems pretty remote, unless you and ALL the others involved are told the truth and demand justice. However, that remoteness should not be an excuse for accepting the government’s false accusations as truth. All our politicians areprofessional liars, without  exception, and age-old habits will always die hard, but surely, we as citizens, living in the so-called United Kingdom of ours, should  cease all this pretence forthwith, and at least do our bit in an attempt to bring the wretched hypocrisy and evil ways of the powers that be to an overdue end.

In the end, a far greater power will ensure that happens. By their deliberate deception and dastardly deed, the nation’s leading politicians, irrespective of parties, have successfully duped the masses for a decade. 7/7 was one of the worst state-sponsored crimes of the modern era.

Whoever did that so-called immature paint daubing act last year, perhaps he or she was trying to offer a simple but poignant message for the government to hear, saying something like this:

“Enough is enough. We know of all your wicked ways, you have been weighed on the scales and your days are numbered”.

Yours sincerely

Tony Farrell



Dear Ros,

I write to you today because in doing some research about the impact of 7/7 on the nation, I stumbled across the “Be the Change” website  featuring your late husband Colin. I read quite a lot of it with interest and a fair degree of sadness. I was struck by the many kind and complimentary comments made about Colin following his tragic and  untimely death ten years ago.

I also noticed that one year ago, you said this:“I would like them to think how they would feel if they were paying their respects to a loved one?”

By “them”, you were presumably at that time, referring to the person or persons who defaced the 7/7 monuments last year with various slogans, whoever they may be.

Of course, I am not, and was not in your position on 7th July 2005, in as much as unlike you, I knew no-one personally who lost their human lives on that fateful day. It is difficult for me to fully appreciate the pain you have endured by the loss of your husband in such circumstances. It also strikes me from reading the comments on the website that your late husband unselfishly wished to help create a better world in which for us  all to live. That seems to me consistent with the great commandment of loving ones neighbour as yourself.

If I were paying my respects to a lost loved one in similar circumstances to yours, I think, at a practical level, I would want to see seven things happen. Those seven things would be as follows.

  1. to know the truth about how and why my loved one was murdered;
  2. to have innocent people not being continually wrongly blamed for a murderthat they plainly did not commit;
  3. to know if the real murderers were repentant;
  4. to have friends and families of all the victims to know the truth about the actual perpetrators and what really happened that fateful day;
  5. to have the rest of the sleeping nation to wake up to the truth about what happened that fateful day;
  6. to have good not bad lessons to be learnt from the tragedy, to minimise the possibility of such wicked murders happening again;
  7. to encourage the world to somehow change for the better because of
    knowledge of the truth.

I feel a compulsion to sadly point out to you that, none of these conditions have been remotely met with respect to the 7/7 attacks and the shameful official government narrative and position with respect to the dreadful London Bombings.

Clearly, I did not know Colin. I never met Colin, and until quite recently, I knew absolutely nothing about Colin. However, I feel reasonably confident that Colin would agree wholeheartedly with each and every one of my seven conditions previously espoused.

Surely in life, these sentiments are more important than 52 lifeless steel erect girders embedded in the ground, strategically placed there by a wicked and rotten regime which uses the monstrosities solely to further brainwash the minds of a nation and countenance the perpetuation of a wicked and evil lie which for a decade has been proffered up by  successive governments regarding what supposedly happened on that fateful day.

The truth of the matter is this. Those dreadful acts were not perpetrated by four young Muslim lads, however much most of the nation actually wants to believe it to be so. It is high time for the public to wake up and  confront the dreadful truth. These are perilous times. Your late husband was sacrificially murdered by the British Government and their MI5 foot-soldiers. Our most recent governments have each in turn duped  you, and pretty much the rest of the sleeping nation, into believing that your husband was killed by a suicidal young Muslim. Whatever way they like to express it, their position is nothing short of a monstrous lie. In truth, that is nothing like what happened, and it is disrespectful to the dead to continue to belief it to be so.

Eliciting the truth about Colin’s death ten years ago along with the deaths of 55 others, is the greatest single mark of respect one could possibly pay to Colin and all those other innocent victims who lost their lives or were left injured and badly traumatised. Please take care before joining the “sheeple” who have swallowed successive government’s lies, as starkly depicted by the erection of these monstrous monuments which  just so happen to be an Abomination to God. I say that because they have been deliberately placed there by the powers that be, so as to countenance the perpetuation of the great deceit.

As we arrive at the tenth anniversary of the attacks, my hope is, and indeed has been ever since I became badly jolted by the truth, that more and more people come to know the truth and act appropriately when stumbling upon it.

Finally, I would make one sincere request of you, in wishing you and the rest of Colin’s family and friends well. If you can somehow find it in yourself, please consider watching the film 7/7 Ripple Effect II and perhaps in your own good time, reflect on my seven points as stated previously.

I have also made a film to mark the tenth anniversary. You might like to also watch it after reflection on this message contained within this letter.

Peace be with you and within you.

Tony Farrell

Former Principal Intelligence Analyst
South Yorkshire Police