Police Chiefs Exposed


The Hillsborough Disaster seems certain to go down in history, as one of the most shameful and prolonged acts of corrupt policing and political cover-up of truth, ever to have occurred in the United Kingdom.

Listen here to how a combative Chief Constable Crompton defends the corner of South Yorkshire Police’s historical and current role, before an engaging and rigorously testing radio interview given by tubby, talkative Toby Foster from BBC Radio Sheffield.

Discover how Crompton craftily tries to pull the wool over the local public’s
eyes, and skirt around Toby’s inquisition. As the tables are turned on the cops, learn of the essential searching questions and points that were simply not raised before Crompton, by the BBC interviewer.

See the Hillsborough Disaster from the vantage-point of someone who knows the truth behind the real reason why South Yorkshire Police and the establishment are, despite all their hot-lips and rhetoric, still hell-bent on concealing the truth about the cover-up.

At a time when the Hillsborough Inquests at Warrington are in full swing, and “criminal” investigations are well-underway by the IPCC, whistle-blower Farrell exposes Crompton’s duplicity, and helps spill the beans on some key issues, in an effort to bring the painful bitter truth to the surface, after a quarter of a century of ongoing lies and deceit. It is a truth which the established order still want hidden from you all. It is a truth that must be revealed, in its entirety, if UK policing is ever to be set free.

Below are links to Farrell’s emails related to the topic.

Crompton-Letter-18-11-14 – Baphomet.pdf



ACC Ingrid Lee


Confronted by an avalanche of criticism and national outrage for their willful blindness over the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandals, learn to appreciate the art of indoctrination and institutional denials from Crompton’s newest ACPO recruit. In this interview with Toby Foster, Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee, fresh from West Yorkshire Police, wastes no time at all in putting on Crompton’s rose-coloured spectacles and demonstrates her credentials for regurgitating the usual ACPO damage limitation rhetoric by giving a classical lesson in positive spin and evasion. After hearing Ingrid fight for South Yorkshire Police’s corner, listeners might just be tempted to visit the “unProfessional Standards” website from West Yorkshire to discover where these slippery skills were honed. Clue -Jim’ll fix it!