The Sound of Elijah’s Shofars


During seven days in July 2013, in the presence of JAH, simultaneous stereophonic sounds of Elijah’s Shofars were unleashed upon sleep-walking citizens at various specific locations in England, Ireland and Scotland. Rekindling rituals reminiscent of Joshua’s battle of Jericho, in Old Testament times, these seldom heard trumpet-like calls signified a cry-out to God, for His Intervention, in order to bring down the walls of silence, over the scale of corruption in today’s police-state UK. See the stunned reaction of the public to the shofar sounds, blasting out in the city of Sheffield and Barnsley town-centres.

Witness the subsequent havoc wreaked in corridors of power, where a beleaguered and disgraced SYPCC Shaun Wright quite suddenly fell from his office, soon afterwards. Learn why local government officials from nearby Rotherham were soon to reap what they had earlier sown, and appreciate why time is fast running out for Chief Constable Crompton to overturn the perverted ways of the utterly corrupt police force he leads. As Crompton’s new boss Reverend Dr. Alan Billings gets his feet under the table, during his first two months of office as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (SYPCC), view the video that whistle-blower and disciple Farrell patiently prepared just for the Commissioner’s induction programme. Gauge how the elected Crime Tzar might now grapple with a crisis-ridden Chief Constable and his cowardly lion of a deputy.

Chastened by Professor Jay, vilified by Vaz, and now even recently reprimanded by JAH; get unique insight into what lies in store for a top cop like Crompton – accountable as he is – to a former Anglican Priest. This new clergyman on the block is a theologian with titles to his name, who entered into the fray by praying for the welfare of a city, and quoting publicly from Jeremiah, the weeping prophet of Old Testament times. Local MP and former Home Secretary Blunkett describes Billings as the most honest man in the country. Make of that bullshit what you will, but in this battle between good and evil unfolding in camera, in Sheffield and Barnsley, and amidst all this huffing and puffing, watch for yourself how a series of Joshua-like quick-fire ram’s-horn-raids were deployed against the so-called powers-that-be, as a cry out to God for His divine intervention.


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