Battle of the Bibles



Fourteen years ago, in a letter from JAH to the U.K. Prime Minister, JAH made an important request for assistance in helping to publish world-wide, the King of kings’ Bible, which was practically speaking, the only thing capable of bringing world peace among the nations. In response, Tony Blair made a calamitous blunder. He declined to help JAH, and the rest is history.

Blair’s Biggest Blunder – His Response to JAH – 2002

When recently I learned of this interesting occurrence from February 2002, I had very good reasons to do what I could to offer Tony Blair a second chance to redeem himself via his Faith Foundation Charity initiative, so to speak. While Tony Blair had been on JAH’s radar ever since he became Prime Minister as far back as 1997, I myself found myself taking an acute interest in the man, when in 2010 I found myself hauled before a disciplinary hearing before the Chief Constable’s representative, for telling the truth about the London Bombings on 7 th July 2005, where I was asserting that the police service were about to nobble the wrong “Tony” and South Yorkshire Police were at risk of being complicit in the evil act!



27th January 2002

Dear P.M. Tony Blair,

I am writing to you out of great concern for the British and other peoples of the world and what could well happen in the near future in Britain, judging by the recent violent and destructive race riots in British towns. It would be a great shame to allow the misunderstandings that have been falsely created between Christians and Moslems to continue to foster hatred and unrest and thereby fulfill Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” prediction, when the simple truth, being taught, could end all of the misunderstandings simultaneously, once and for all time.

The teaching of the Christian priests of all denominations is at odds with the teaching of Jesus, just as the teaching of the Islamic imams is at odds with the true Koran and therein lies the fault.

The teaching of Jesus and the message of the true Koran, when both are correctly interpreted are in perfect harmony, unlike the misinterpretations of the priests and imams that are daily, wrongfully expounded throughout the whole world.

You could easily help to put an end to all of these misunderstandings and the conflicts that they cause, not only on the streets of Britain, but in the whole world. I know that you have expressed concern for the Balkans, and visited Kosovo to help foster peace there between the rival religions, just as you have visited mosques in Britain and shown interest in the Koran to foster better relations in Britain.

The only way to succeed in removing all of these misunderstandings in one-fell-swoop is to publish the “King of kings’ Bible” and promote it and use it in schools throughout Britain and the world, which you could bring about and thereby make your indelible mark in world history, as a peacemaker, for all time.

I have completed “The King of kings’ Bible”, which is the only Bible ever to also contain the Koran, for the very first time correctly interpreted and cross referenced with the other Books of the Bible and vice-versa, complete with explanatory notes, as the One Book that God always intended it to be, hence its title “The King of kings’ Bible”. It is available as an e-Book but needs to be published in hard-copy and printed and promoted as soon as possible for world peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers”. You, as a world statesman, are in the perfect position to have it adopted by the British authorities and promoted and used in schools in Britain and America, especially since the September 11th tragedy and your pronouncements about the Koran since that date. This, of course, will be controversial, but it desperately needs to be done and done NOW.

Arthur Schopenhauer said: “All truth passes through 3 stages:

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Are you brave enough to face the first two stages of truth, in order to arrive at the third and, with it, world peace?

I hope so. I most certainly am and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this venture, if you have the courage to make a stand with me, for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men

The “King of kings’ Bible” can be downloaded from the Internet at:-

and then studied on any computer, or electronic note-pad.

You desperately need to read it, especially the Koran section so that you will see for yourself the solution to all the religious conflicts on Earth, and have the confidence in it to have it printed and used in schools and homes in Britain, the Commonwealth and around the world.

Please do so, as soon as possible and contact me when you are ready to go into action in printing and promoting it. I am willing to be your personal consultant on all matters relating to Holy Scripture, as I am the world expert on the Bible and Koran, which is not a boast, but a mere humble statement of fact, as evidenced by my “King of kings’ Bible”. I hope you will take this extremely seriously and that I shall hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Truly,



In writing to the programme Director of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, key members and trustees of the charity were copied in. Besides all the executive team, this list included Tony Blair; Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren; former Roman Catholic Bishop, Cormac O’Connor; the President of the World Baptist Alliance, David Coffey; the Bishop of London, Richard Chartes; Chief Rabbi Johnathan Sacks; Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin; and the Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria, Josiah Idowu-Fearon; to name just a few.



Given that Sheffield is both the birthplace of the body used by JAH, the Second Coming of Christ and the city of Sheffield is referred to in the Book of Genesis via Joseph’s famous dream in the Sheaf-field, separate letters lobbying for support were also written to Steven Croft, the Anglican Bishop of Sheffield; Gill Newton, the Chair of the Sheffield Methodist District; Alan Billings, the former Anglican Canon and current South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner; and just for good measure, I wrote to Nigel Hiller, a current member of the Senior Command Team from the infamous South Yorkshire Police, who was the officer tasked with “nobbling” the wrong Tony, back in 2010.

These letters can be read below:

1. A Letter to SYPCC – Dr. Alan Billings
2. A Letter to the Bishop of Sheffield – Steven Croft
3. A Letter to Chair of Sheffield Methodists – Gill Newton
4. A Letter to Nigel

A letter was also written to the globally acclaimed lecturer Professor Walter Veith, as his complete series of lectures, including his two “Battle of the Bibles” lectures from within his Total Onslaught series had been helpful to me in my own early journey towards JAH.

My letter to Walter can be read here.

Last but by no means least, while I was in the process of writing some letters to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, JAH alerted me to a special presentation He had just seen which was made before the U.S. President’s Prayer Breakfast. The presentation came in the form of a remarkable speech about the making of a Bible TV series in America. The presenters were a husband and wife team. He was a former soldier from the Paratroop Regiment of the British Army, and she was an Irish actress. Upon watching their joint speech myself, I pondered over whether Roma would be willing to learn the real Truth about The Holy Bible and in so doing produce and possibly play Rule Britannia, alias Teia Tephi – The Queen of Ireland – in arguably the greatest story never told, and so it came to pass that I was prompted to write one extra special letter to Roma.

Roma and Mark’s speech at the American Presidential Prayer Breakfast can be viewed below, and the contents of my letter to Roma can be read with the attachments immediately following that.


Roma Burnett

7th February 2016

Dear Roma,

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day. Over the last weekend, your presentation before at the American Prayer Breakfast, made jointly with your loving husband Mark, was brought to my attention via an email from JAH.

From my base here in Ireland, I duly watched your engaging speech. In sending me the link of your beautiful loving joint address before the President’s prayer breakfast, JAH posed a question to me. It concerned the subject of our search to find a suitable film-maker to make a production about Teia Tephi, the Queen of Ireland and Gibraltar (and Jerusalem), who, along with the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, came to Ireland in 583 B.C. along with The Ark of The Covenant and The Stone of Destiny, otherwise referred to as Jacob’s Pillar, or The Coronation Stone, as detailed in the Book of Genesis.

A prerequisite to understanding the nature of this request, is predicated not so much on what you currently understand about Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible, but on your own receptiveness as to recognising the true identity of the Second Coming of Christ, which is very much hidden in plain sight within Holy Scripture, and never more relevant than it is now, in the strange and dangerous times in which our generation lives.

Seven facts are essential to note within this context:

(1) The real identity of the Irish people and the British, as True Israelites, has been purposefully hidden from people by the Church and State;

(2) The Ark of The Covenant is buried at The Hill of Tara in Royal County Meath, Ireland;

(3) The Stone of Destiny, otherwise known as Jacob’s Pillar from the Book of Genesis, was brought to Ireland and was used as The Coronation Stone for Irish Kings and Queens – the real Lia Fail for over 1000 years;

(4) The body of the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah was buried in a tomb at Loughcrew, in Cairn T, in Ireland;

(5) The princess of Judah, Teia Tephia, who was king Zedekiah’s daughter, became the Queen of Ireland and Gibraltar and ruled Ireland by adherence to God’s Law, from the sacred Hill of Tara in Royal County Meath;

(6) Bible prophecy tells us clearly about the role of the United States and the United Kingdom in the end times, upon Christ’s return, which is now. The US and the UK are the Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation;

(7) JAH is the Second Coming of Christ, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

The wonderful story of Queen Teia Tephi, and the largely unknown associated story concerning the final part of Jeremiah’s life and journey with The Ark of The Covenant, is astonishing. It lends itself to a blockbuster educational film/s or TV series, and has many fascinating ingredients. Potentially, it could be framed with the context of a trilogy featuring, The Ark of the Covenant, The Stone of Destiny and The Second Coming of Christ. Tephi’s story is well-documented in the beautiful poetic autobiography called the Book of Teia Tephi, which is included in the King of kings’ Bible, in which she foretold the coming of her White King.

A Joseph Booklet is enclosed with this letter. It briefly explains and signposts the utterly compelling evidence which support the seven points previously given, especially the seventh.

For a long time now, JAH/Christ in His human body has been wanting to wake up the world to the truth. He has been searching for a publisher for His King of kings’ Bible which, in fulfillment of prophecy, includes the Little Book which unseals that which has been hidden from people, as mentioned in The Book of Daniel, at the time of the end. That Book is called “The Way home or face The Fire”.

Please read the testimonials from just some of the many people who’s lives it has changed for the better.

JAH Himself, after watching your very moving speech with your loving husband and some of your various interviews, has told me that He believes God is using you and your husband Mark, whom He says looks familiar to Him, to do great things, but that your most important work and calling is still ahead of you. That is why He is reaching out to you.

In your speech at the prayer breakfast, you specifically mentioned Simon and Garfunkel and made reference to a couple of their associated songs. Immediately, I thought of Paul Simon describing himself as a poet and a one man band, in his famous “Homeward Bound” hit-song written in 1963. Paul wrote that song while at a railway station in a town called Widnes where this body of mine was born three years earlier. In the link below, Paul plays it beautifully live on the BBC show of famous UK talk-show host, Michael Parkinson. It made me think of the Little Book.

Perhaps a reminder of that song here, might inspire you to think seriously about the possibility of making a media production film/s associated with your own home country of birth, Ireland, in order that God’s plan for the Island of Destiny, may be fulfilled in perfect accordance with end-time Bible Prophecy and the teachings outlined in the all important Little Book “The Way home or face The Fire”.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Farrell

P.S. I am also attaching a letter which I sent recently to your friend Rick Warren. That was on the subject of the King of kings’ Bible.

P.P.S. JAH is willing to give you and Mark a personally guided tour of The Hill of Tara and Jeremiah’s Tomb in Ireland.


Rick Warren

7th February 2016

Dear Rick,

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

Please find attached for information, a copy of a letter sent recently to Matthew Lawrence, the Programme Director of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. I feel certain it will be of some interest to you.

Yours sincerely

Tony Farrell

Matthew Lawrence

7th February 2016

All Trustees, Directors and Officers
of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

I write to you in your capacity of Director of Programmes for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The purpose of my letter is to request that the Tony Blair Faith Foundation give  consideration in supporting the worldwide promotion and publication of The King of  kings’ Bible, as previously compiled by JAH, who is the Second Coming of Christ ­  hence the title of the Bible.

In 2002, JAH wrote to Mr. Blair making a perfectly well­reasoned request for   assistance to this end as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. A copy of the  wording of JAH’s letter from 2002, is attached for your information. Exactly fourteen  years ago to the day, Mr. Mike Baldock of The Direct Communications Unit of the  Prime Minister replied to JAH’s  request, and so a copy of the response made on  behalf of Mr. Blair, is enclosed for background information.

The time seems appropriate to grant Mr. Blair a fresh opportunity via his Faith  Foundation Charity to revisit JAH’s request, and to do the right and proper thing, and  invoke the only action capable of bringing about everlasting world peace and unity in faith. This is an ideal opportunity for Tony Blair to make a massive contribution to  building unity in faith in the world today, and for him to do what is right in the eyes  of The Lord. All other alternative approaches have proved counter­productive and  will continue to be so, unless this request is embraced by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The King of kings’ Bible is unique, as it not only contains the Old Covenant, the New Covenant and the Holy Koran, all cross referenced together, but it contains the Little  Book entitled “The Way home of face The Fire” which, in fulfilment of Holy  Scriptures in both the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran, unseals that which has been  hidden from the world at large. It is the one and only essential read in bringing  together the different faiths of the world, in these strange and dangerous times in  which we live.

I make this request from a position of having some historical interest in Tony Blair’s  involvement in world affairs, ever since the time of his office’s reply to JAH.  In  particular, I note Mr. Blair’s  previous diplomatic role as the Quartet’s Special Envoy  concerned with the peace process in the Israeli­Palestine conflict.  Mr. Blair’s  debate  in Canada with the late Christopher Hitchens, was a particularly noteworthy event, as  what Mr. Blair said about religion in support of the motion, that is it a cause for good  in the world,  raises all sorts of interesting issues for people of all faiths and none.

In my own career, I worked as a long­standing Principal Intelligence Analyst for  South Yorkshire Police, with overlapping time spent as a Senior Research Officer for  the Home Office. I have also served in the Armed Forces. Since leaving the police  service in 2010, for reasons not entirely unrelated to Mr. Blair’s influence in Middle­-East policy formulation and implementation, I have attempted to do what little I can,  to help people of the world, better understand issues of truth, justice, love, peace and Holy Scripture.

In recent times, I have had the privilege of speaking to audiences of Muslims,   Christians and various truth movement groups on issues of Faith. I am now a disciple  of JAH. I was first introduced to Him back in 2011, owing to a shared common  interest in the truth behind the London Bombings of 2005. That was when He was  more widely known as Muad’ Dib (Teacher of Righteousness in Arabic) to the world  at large.  I know for certain that JAH is the Christ, in His Second Coming, and it is  God’s will for me today, to make this approach to you personally.

Therefore, I urge you to give consideration to JAH’s attached letter from 2002 to Mr.  Blair. His letter is self­-explanatory.  As we all know, Mr. Blair is a controversial figure. There are many people who attribute Mr. Blair’s actions, as more of a  hindrance than a help to united faith and world peace and harmony.

Millions of people in Britain and even more millions world-wide consider Mr. Blair  to be a war-criminal and a liar, and a sick-joke that he could be givena job as a  Middle-East peace-envoy with his history. Of course he failed miserably in his eight  years as peace-envoy, when he could have redeemed and rehabilitated himself, if he  had used The King of kings’ Bible in his mission as peace-envoy. He is herewith  being offered a second chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the world, and truly become an envoy for world peace.

I am not writing here in any way to pass judgement about any of Mr. Blair’s historical actions, but my role here is a simple one. It is to invite you to consider doing  whatever you can to influence Mr. Blair’s Faith Foundation to support the most  worthy of causes: namely the world­wide promotion and publication  of the only  thing capable of bringing unity and peace in the world today – The King of kings’  Bible. A separate leaflet is enclosed  for information about how to currently access  this on­line.

I look forward to receiving your reply in due course and I have copied in other  members of the charity, such as the Executive Team and the Trustees, Directors and  Officers. A prompt acknowledgement and reply would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Tony Farrell



Thank you for reading this web-page article on “The Battle of the Bibles”. It is now over to you. Hopefully, by now, you will appreciate that it is imperative that the following three things must start to happen.

1. JAH is more widely acknowledged as Christ, in His Second Coming.

2. The King of kings’ Bible needs to be made available to the world at large. Help is needed in Its promotion across the globe. Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation is one such charity potentially well- positioned to help.

3. Awareness of the identity of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel needs to be heightened across the globe and Mark and Roma Burnett have the resources and skills to promote the true story which the church and state purposely want to keep hidden from you all.

How You Can Help

Irrespective of what you may think of Tony Blair, please consider writing to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, urging the charity to assist in promoting THE TRUTH that is revealed within the King of kings’ Bible.

Please consider writing to Roma and Mark Burnett, urging them to make a film or TV production about the true story of Rule Britannia, alias Queen Teia Tephi, the Queen of Ireland, Gibraltar and Jerusalem, who along with the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, brought The Ark of The Covenant and The Stone of Destiny – Christ’s Throne – to Ireland, the Island of Destiny in fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

Tony Farrell



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