Witnessing Walter


The following true story would not look at out of place in a  Channel 4 Brookside Sequel.

Whether it be inside the walls of corruption at Birchwood and Niagara;  outside Brookside or Carbrook Police HQ; behind the goals of Anfield or Leppings Lane; or within the halls of Westminster or the offices of Worthside: please watch episode one of the DVD  series that is set to ruffle the feathers of the powers-that-be, and rumble the twenty-seven year old Richter scales of injustice which have prevailed over Hillsborough.




In scenes which would make Merseyside’s highly popular ‘Brookside’ soap-opera look positively tame by comparison, Landseer Close, a quiet and ordinary cul-de-sac, situated in a sleepy rural village in Derbyshire, on the outskirts of Sheffield, has now  become the locus of attention, not just for the families of the 96 from Liverpool, but also the “Life on Mars” top cops from South Yorkshire Police and the IPCC, who are now struggling to keep the lid closed to prevent the truth coming out at long last.

BROOKSIDE – The long running, popular soap opera from Liverpool.
Starring Ricky Tomlinson who later played John Glover in the drama “HILLSBOROUGH” Ricky also featured in  a popular criminal psychologist drama called “CRACKER”.
Ricky played  a Detective Chief Inspector

Welcome to The House of Hymas
15 Landseer Close, Dronfield
The Tragic Cover-Up of Hillsborough


Ricky Tomlinson, who starred not only in the Brookside soap opera, but also in the TV film “Hillsborough”, and the criminal psychologist drama Cracker, would not have looked remotely out of place, in any of the ensuing scenes surrounding this extra-ordinary unfolding story, about the truth behind the cover-up of the Hillsborough Disaster.

While Brookside Close has long since had its day, Landseer Close in North Derbyshire on the outskirts of Sheffield, emerges from the backwater, and is set firm to take centre stage on an issue which has greatly affected the city of Liverpool for well over a quarter of a century.  The main difference between the two cul-de-sac closes is that Landseer Close is not a soap-opera. Landseer is for real and it is current. The epicentre is at a house at number 15.

It is a pleasant looking semi-detached house near to the end of a cul-de-sac. The occupant at the centre of attention there, and reluctantly thrust into the limelight, is a relatively little known old-boy called Hymas, or to be more precise, Andy Hymas. From here-on-in, and for reasons which will soon become clear, Andy Hymas shall be referred to as “Hesitating Hymas”.

Blinded from the truth for nearly half his life, Hesitating Hymas has been a resident in his cosy little cul-de-sac for many years, but after recent developments, he may never view the Dronfield cul-de-sac in the same light, ever again. Comfortably retired from his long unblemished career in the police. Hesitating Hymas enjoys a very nice police-staff pension severance-package.

His peaceful retirement has been disturbed recently as something really massive finally blew up in his face on one Thursday afternoon in July.  The explosive date was in actual fact the 7th July 2016. However, Hesitating Hymas can’t say he had not been warned. Fact is, Hesitating Hymas had been given a very special letter on 10th June 2016.  Instead of taking heed of the kind letter, he foolishly ripped it up and ignored it.

Read The Special Letter To The House of Hymas Here

Time is now fast running out for Hesitating Hymas, and there is no place anywhere for him to hide. In many respects, we should all try to put ourselves in the shoes of Hesitating Hymas and earnestly try to reflect upon what exactly we should and / or would do in his circumstances. Of course, what we should do, and what we would do, may not always equate to the same thing.  Would we always do the right thing in his position? This is a question for us all to ponder.

Remember here that silence is not golden, it is yellow in this instance. The Hesitating Hymas example over Hillsborough and its cover-up, is a kind of parody for life and a harsh lesson for us all to learn.

It is fair to say that currently, Hesitating Hymas is not yet a happy bunny. For sure, he has a personal crisis on his hands and a huge moral dilemma to confront. In short, Hesitating Hymas is a first-hand witness to some pretty awful stuff about the Hillsborough Disaster. This awful stuff has been purposely kept out of the public domain for the last twenty-seven years.  However, the cat is now well and truly out of the bag.

The awful stuff Hesitating Hymas knows, as a first-hand witness, is dynamite. His problem is that he can’t make unknown to himself, what he already knows. Hesitating Hymas knows that, if exposed publicly, his testimony if told truthfully, has the potential to rock the nation to the core, and probably bring down the government and inflict a fatal blow to the integrity of the police service, and the entire judicial process. That’s how big the Jackson cover-up is.

Hesitating Hymas’ problem, in being a witness to the awful truth of the Hillsborough cover-up, is that he knows full well that there is also something radically wrong with his own original witness-statement, submitted as far back as 1989.

His original statement from 1989 can be read here.

Instead of burying his head in the sand about this inconvenient truth, and pretending that he is a man of integrity, Hesitating Hymas needs to show repentance, and ask for forgiveness from the families of the 96. He needs to go the extra mile.

His twenty-seven year old statement, as it stands, is deceitful and chock-full of lies.  While there may well be some possible mitigating circumstances, Hesitating Hymas knows full-well that his statement has served to help Satan and worked against Truth. His failure to do the right thing has only served to countenance the perpetuation of the ongoing cover-up of the truth behind the disaster.

Simultaneously, Hesitating Hymas claims that because of his career status as a press officer, he is in a position to empathise with the families of the 96. If that declaration is not to come across as an act of extreme arrogance on his behalf, Andy must be prepared to meet with the families and apologise to them face to face, and tell them the full truth of all that he knows. It will not be good-enough to go running to the Masonic Brotherhood within the police for his protection.

In truth, Hesitating Hymas still deludes himself that he is a man of integrity, while he stays silent before the families. Hesitating Hymas is currently full of self-pity. In this upside-down hell-hole in which we live, intelligence suggests that the neighbours and good friends on Landseer Close, may now be rallying around Hesitating Hymas. This happened  after receiving their unexpected letterbox DVD bombshells on 7th July. They are possibly feeling quite sorry for him now. Meanwhile, Hesitating Hymas ponders over his own “valley of decision” moment, thrust upon him on an infamous anniversary date, marking eleven years of treasonous 7/7 tyranny.

Chris on the Close
Chris being a vigilant and a switched-on, good neighbour of Hesitating Hymas, checking us out . Does neighbourly Chris have the credentials to help Hesitating Hymas do the right thing over Hillsborough and Jackson,  and persuade Hesitating Hymas to expose the awful truth to the families of the 96?

Perhaps, collectively  the good neighbours of Hesitating Hymas can unexpectedly play an important role in all this. One such neighbour, who might have the right credentials, is Chris. Intelligence suggests that Chris seems wide awake to the corruption in our midst, and seemingly he objects to it. Chris and the rest of the neighbours of Hesitating Hymas’ cul-de-sac, should get behind Andy and impress upon him the need to have the courage to go public, and tell the truth directly to the families, face to face. In reality Hesitating Hymas must do that, or face The Fire.

Hesitating Hymas should man-up and come to his senses. He should no longer seek to hide himself, behind what he knows to be a demonstrably corrupt judicial process. Having been a member of the press office of South Yorkshire Police for many a long year, Hesitating Hymas has doubtless covered more than a few stories in his time.

So, Hesitating Hymas, of all people, should know that the prolonged walls of silence over the Walter ‘The Wreck’ Jackson incident, have made a complete and absolute mockery of the words “Truth and Justice”.  As things stand, the mantra of his own former employers, which goes by the sound of “Justice with Courage”, is nothing but a monstrous sham.

Deep down, Hesitating Hymas knows something is rotten to the core, but he has yet to do the right and proper thing. Hesitating Hymas was indeed on duty on that fateful day in ’89. At the time, he was working as a youngish press officer.  In short, two shocking truths were to test him, and change his life forever on that fateful day. First, he was one of the many who saw first-hand the terrible events in the stadium.  Second, he is one of the few who actually witnessed woeful Walter wriggle and worm his way out from under a table.

Hesitating Hymas would have seen first hand how Walter crept and crawled his way to relative obscene obscurity, protected and cushioned, with an unblemished record, sweetened by a substantial ACPO police pension. While brave and courageous voluntary specials like Debra Martin were ridiculed and venomously attacked by the powers that be, for trying to tell the truth, Walter and his Waltzing Matilda trickery, soon morphed himself into a protected species.

Here in hell, no good deed goes unpunished, and no bad deed goes unrewarded.

In 1989, woeful Walter just so happened to be an Assistant Chief Constable, the highest ranking officer in the stadium, at the time of the Hillsborough disaster. Jackson was his surname. Somehow, and in part, thanks directly to Hesitating Hymas’ ongoing cowardly silence, Waltzing Walter, by and large, escaped the glare of public attention and public scrutiny, which his extra-ordinary dysfunctional conduct on the day of the disaster, and subsequent ongoing grotesque cover-up conduct, would otherwise have demanded.

Walter first wriggled and wormed his way out of the spotlight, the moment when he abdicated his responsibility in the control-room, and instead of trying to get a grip of the “catastrophe” unfolding before his eyes, Waltzing Walter sought sanctuary under the table in the police control box.  He became a gibbering wreck at crucial moments on the fateful day.  His stunned subordinates, when desperately looking for leadership and direction, in a crisis of unprecedented proportions, conspired thereafter, to bury the truth forever and a day. All those involved in protecting Jackson, who are still alive today, must go to jail. That might include “Hesitating Hymas”. That is, unless Hesitating Hymas has a road to Damascus conversion, and heeds this advice and duly takes drastic action and goes public, asking for forgiveness from the families, the police service, and the public he has so cowardly betrayed.

For Hesitating Hymas, four things are glaringly apparent.

1. Hesitating Hymas, when dispatched for duty as a messenger-boy in the stadium,  had a very rude awakening to the truth, upon first uncovering Walter the gibbering wreck under the table on the 15th.

2. Hesitating Hymas was the boy who was soon to discover that his senior police officers were hell-bent on secretly covering-up this ‘Jackson’ incident, he had so starkly witnessed, at all cost.

3. Hesitating Hymas is the boy, who even now in his late fifties or early sixties, belatedly needs to man-up and go public with his own first-hand witness account of Walter’s woes and unleash exactly what he knows about the cover-up class of ’89. Better late than never, so the saying goes, but time is running out for him.

4. Hesitating Hymas should not need shaming into doing the right thing here. Without any further delay, Andy must issue a public apology to the families and ask for their forgiveness, explaining to them what possessed him to cover-up the truth.

The true answer is that he allowed himself to listen to the voice of Satan. It is high-time for Andy to expose his own wrong-doing, knowing that, if he were to do  that, the walls of silence will come tumbling down faster than the free flowing waters of Niagara Falls.

Going to the Dogs or Niagara Falls? Perhaps this is the location where The Jackson Cover-up really began in earnest, on the evening of 15th April 1989.

Tony Farrell armed with his shofar on 6th July 2016, exactly six years after sticking his head above the parapet on the 7/7 London Bombings and the bogus terror threat.

As for the families of the 96, from Worthside to Rockferry, they have been recently informed all about the story of “Woeful Walter” and “Hesitating Hymas”. It seems fair to say from seeing their initial reaction, that the families of the 96, would greatly appreciate it if Hesitating Hymas would, at long last, man-up after twenty-seven years of cowardice. With great dignity, they are patiently waiting for Hesitating Hymas to pour out his soul and to their immense credit, they want to help Hesitating Hymas to that end.

As for South Yorkshire Police, well, on the morning of 7th July 2016, outside their police headquarters in Carbrook, Deputy Dawn, together with a Doctor of The Old Bill were both given a taste of their own medicine, as they successively took receipt of a DVD showing the outlandish unfolding story of ‘Hesitating Hymas’ and a “Walter Matilda”.



Tony Farrell handing a DVD of the Cover-Up of Jackson to Deputy Dawn on 7th July 2016.

Tony Farrell handing a DVD of the Cover-Up of Jackson to a Doctor of The Old Bill.


And finally, using a quote from Burke, as used by Richard Wells, a former Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police:

“The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph of Evil, Is For Good Men To Do Nothing”.

Are you listening, Andy Hymas?

Are you listening, Deputy Dawn?

Are you listening, Doctor Billings?

IPCC obfuscation, notwithstanding, Waltzing “Matilda”Jackson,  should be arrested, without further ado.

Andy, you must act before they arrest you, and frankly my old working colleague, you have not got long left to come to your senses!




From:    “Trevor Hicks”
Date:    Fri, July 15, 2016 4:54 pm

Dear Tony,
Thank you for your latest email.
I would advise that I do not wish any further contact and neither do I
wish/intend to be associated with your campaign henceforth.
I would also prefer if you did not use my name in anyway – either directly or by association.
Sadly, I cannot accept your persistent and increasingly hostile, pursuit of Andy Hymas.
It now borders on harassment which is not my or the HFSG style of doing things.
To have posted the DVD through neighbours doors is a step far too far and has caused me to turn my disquiet at your motives & tactics to opposition to them.
When we met initially, I thought you a credible witness and dealt with you accordingly, but now any credibility has gone and I ( like many others ) have difficulty in seeing your motives in anything other than a negative way. For the record, when we met at my office here on 7th July 16, I did NOT endorse the DVD and I expressed some concerns at bits of the content and at your suggestions regarding putting pressure on Andy Hymas.
Regardless of the truth or merits of the original discussion between you and Andy,  I don’t blame him for not wishing to come forward under current circumstances and I guess he must feel under siege in his own home – something which cannot be right!!
As I said,  a gentle nudge/ using Gillian Radcliffe as a go-between is one thing but this “bullying” approach is counter-productive and is something I cannot condone nor wish to be associated with.
I had said I was prepared to meet Andy but that was only in a spirit of co-operation and with his goodwill – clearly that is not the position hence that offer is withdrawn.
For the record also, I have discussed our conversations and emails with Margaret Aspinall and she, and the HFSG as a body,  takes a similar view as mine. Any further dealings on this matter between yourself, Barry Devonside and the HJC are entirely a matter between yourselves of course, but I would appreciate it if you can advise them / all others of my position.
I intend to post a copy of this email to Andy Hymas to ensure he is aware of my position.
Trevor Hicks

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2016 12:21 PM
To: Trevor Hicks
Cc: Muad-Dib
Subject: [Fwd: OUR MEETING ON 7TH JULY 2016]

Dear Trevor,

Good morning and good wishes again.

As mentioned in my email of a few moments ago, here below is yesterday’s email sent to Dr. Billings as per his request.

I have not yet had it acknowledged.

Best wishes

Tony Farrell

——————————- Original Message ——————————-
Date:    Wed, July 13, 2016 7:21 pm
To:      [email protected]

Dear Dr. Billings,

Good afternoon and good wishes to you.

I refer to our brief conversation outside Police Headquarters on 7th July, and of course the DVD which you accepted from me entitled “The Cover-up of Jackson”.

In accepting the DVD, you encouraged me to send you my email address, so here it is, although, I wish to point out that on occasions too numerous to mention here, I have written to you personally on important matters, without ever receiving a personal reply from you. I am not sure why that has been the case, and whether someone in your office is intercepting them and keeping them from you, but I hope that situation will now change for the better. If you are willing to give me your private email address, we could circumvent any interference by your office-staff.

As mentioned, just prior to meeting you, a copy of the DVD was also given to Deputy Chief Constable Dawn Copley, after I introduced myself to her. In likewise accepting the DVD, and in listening to me very briefly explain my background, Dawn suggested that I send a copy of the DVD to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. I intend to do that in due course, although I made the comment to her that I have no trust whatsoever in the integrity of that particular organisation.

As planned, I travelled to Liverpool later that day, where JAH and I met up with family members from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign in the evening. JAH is in the process of making a documentary film entitled: “The Hillsborough Ripple Effect”. The DVD about Jackson, was my film, and my film by and large focused specifically on the account told to me by Andy Hymas in 2009.

Together with several family members, JAH and I, watched and discussed my film about the cover-up of Jackson.  We had very warm and friendly discussions about the implications and reasons for the cover-up. I also wish to remind you that I also made you aware that on 6th July we had met with Trevor Hicks at his offices in Keighley. Again, the film was watched and discussed, and Trevor had no objection to it going public.
Trevor also passed on to us some useful extra information, which we have noted.

We have already handed out numerous DVDs to the family members in Liverpool. Prior to going to Anfield on 7th July, we had dropped some DVDs through the letter-boxes of the neighbours of Andy Hymas in Dronfield. It appears that Andy Hymas remains tight-lipped on the subject, since spilling the beans to me about Jackson, in 2009.

The film and an article about it, is about to be launched on my JAHTALK web-site, within the next couple of days.

By now, you will probably also be aware of my recent communications with Professor Drew and The South Yorkshire Police Crime Panel members, unless that has been hidden from you.

Now that you know who I am and can now put a face to me, I ask you again to consider agreeing to meet formally with me, preferably with JAH in attendance. This would be to discuss a number of important issues affecting South Yorkshire Police.

If you agree in principle to this request, I am more than happy to prepare an agenda in advance, and submit supporting reports in advance for your consideration, in order to ensure any meeting time you may grant, is spent as productively as possible. If you are not willing to grant me a meeting, then I would at least appreciate an acknowledgement from you personally that you have received this message and my request.

I look forward to receiving a reply from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Farrell



Andrew Nuttall,QC,
Lincoln House Chambers
Tower 12,
The Avenue North,
18-22 Bridge St,
M3 3BZ

DX: 14338 Manchester 1

Walter Jackson and his barrister Andrew Nuttall, QC together at the Hillsborough Inquests in 2015.

Walter Jackson and his barrister Andrew Nuttall,
QC together at the Hillsborough Inquests in 2015.



“Will [each man] remain a witting servant of lies, or has the time come for him to stand straight as an honest man, worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?”

Date 14th July 2016

Dear Mr. Nuttall,

I write with reference to your client Walter Jackson. Please find enclosed, a copy of a  film I have made about Mr. Jackson’s misadventures on the fateful day which you  personally have shamefully helped cover-up.

I would be most grateful if you would forward this letter and the attached DVD to  Walter himself. Walter was a former work colleague of mine between 1993 and 1995. I remember well back then, a giant black and white portrait of him looking proud and being all decked out in his police regalia, as hung high up on the walls of the open ACPO communal area of the fourth floor, SYP headquarters at Snig Hill, Sheffield.

I remember when I first saw this portrait, it struck me as very odd, and arrogant. Before I knew what I know now, I used to think that Walter must have done something very heroic, for that portrait to be displayed so openly to all and sundry on South Yorkshire Police’s prestigious premises.

Should Walter object to this DVD of mine, it should first be understood by him that I have already taken extra-ordinary steps for it to be shared publicly.

Please see the “Witnessing Walter” link below:


In the event of Walter wishing to take legal action against me, I would first urge caution on his and your behalf.

These days, I work for JAH, and the following three links on my JAHTALK website, explain precisely why that should matter to Walter Jackson and indeed any barrister such as yourself, who might be thinking of defending Walter Jackson’s actions and inactions in the future. Please would you consider reading these links in the order given below.

The Best Advice On Earth


King of Scotland


Ode To The Stone


I am copying in representatives of the Hillsborough Family Support Group and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Operation Resolve and Dr. Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner into this letter.

Yours sincerely
Tony Farrell




Jon Stoddart,
Operation Resolve,
Hillsborough Investigation Team,
Renaissance House,
Centre Park,

14th July 2016

Dear Assistant Commissioner,

Please find enclosed with this letter, a DVD about the  cover-up of former A.C.C. Walter Jackson. The DVD is a recent film I have personally made. I am the former Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police.

I recommend that you watch it and take note of the contents. It has been shown to various family members of the 96 and representatives from South Yorkshire Police.  Most notably, this was done on 7th July 2016, an anniversary date that will go down in infamy for British policing, as I am sure you will appreciate.

The DVD can also be watched via a brand new web-page article  entitled “Witnessing Walter”. This is on my JAHTALK website.  Please see below to view.


Should you or your team, wish to interview me regarding this DVD, then I will happily respond to an email.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Farrell