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Decision not to proceed against King of Scotland by Edinburgh Procurator Fiscal

On September 4, 2017, immediately after receiving JAH/Christ and Stephen Crielly’s “Minutes of Notice”, the Procurator Fiscal decided not to proceed with the case against them. The Minutes of Notice were hand delivered on September 4th, and the letter of not proceeding was issued September 4th. It went out in that day’s mail. Crielly and JAH received the letter in the morning post on September 5th.

According to JAH/Christ, the information available to them at this time as mentioned in the Procurator Fiscal’s letter, are facts they simply cannot refute or win against. Scots are going about a battle against the corrupt beast system incorrectly. They wrongly think “Common Law”, the “Magna Carta” or the “Declaration of Abroath” are going to help them; but it is God Who will help them if they obey Him. They must bring Him and His Law, The Law, into the Courts. And until they do so, God will not help them.

He said that the ultimate and simple way for the Scots to gain their independence from Westminster is not by a political referendum, which would be rigged again, but by Challenging the Jurisdiction and Sovereignty of the Crown in Court in the first place. Elizabeth 2 has never been the rightful or lawful monarch on the British Throne of David; and she has committed treason against the entire United Kingdom. All this is outlined in the Challenge Document available on If Scots would use it en masse, the system would fall.

And most importantly, the Scots should return the real Throne of David, the Stone of Destiny, to Christ, so that He can declare the Biblical Jubilee and begin to build God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Background to the case and a summary of the recent happenings are as follows:-

In mid July, JAH and Crielly were notified that their first hearing, or first diet, had been set for August 15, 2017. The Procurator Fiscal sent JAH and Crielly their “Uncontroversial Evidence” at this time. JAH received it through the letterbox on July 13; however the actual document was undated. Crielly received his a few days later. The Procurator Fiscal’s “Uncontroversial Evidence” stated that JAH and Crielly had seven days to refute the evidence listed; and if they failed to do so, the evidence would be considered as fact at the hearing on August 15th.

Crielly sent a refutation of the Procurator Fiscal’s “Uncontroversial Evidence”, stating that it was based on fraudulent legislation by a fraudulent crown. Later, JAH sent a “Refutation of the Charge” to the Procurator Fiscal and Sheriff by registered mail. It was previously posted on the King of Scotland webpage available for all to read.

On September 1, 2017, and using the same approach, Crielly sent his own “Uncontroversial Evidence” to the Procurator Fiscal by registered mail, giving them seven days to refute it; and if they failed to do so, then it would be considered as fact at the hearing on August 15th. The Procurator Fiscal failed to respond.

Here is Stephen Crielly’s “Uncontroversial Evidence” (link to PDF file)

On August 15, 2017, Crielly and JAH went before Sheriff N. McFadyen at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for their first diet, in which it was expected for them to put in a plea of guilty or not guilty. Neither pleaded, as they were challenging the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the Crown and thus also the Court. Just before walking into the courtroom, they were handed documents from the Procurator Fiscal dealing with the evidence against them.

One of the first items brought up by Crielly was the fact that he had not heard from the Procurator Fiscal about his “Uncontroversial Evidence”. She said she had not received it; but Crielly held up a registered receipt that it had been delivered. The Sheriff told her that she must respond to it. JAH also asked if the Sheriff and Procurator Fiscal had received his “Refutation of the Charge”. They both said they hadn’t. He and Crielly brought extra copies for them, and once the Procurator Fiscal received JAH’s “Refutation of the Charge” that included His Challenge document and exhibits she admitted that she actually had received them, proving that she lied to the Sheriff. Crielly also brought up the fact that documents about evidence against them was handed to them 13 minutes before court; and they had not had a chance to review them. The Sheriff put in a procedural plea of “not guilty” for them; and set another hearing on September 7, 2017, so that they could make arrangements to discuss the Challenge. The Procurator Fiscal said she would contact them to make arrangements for them to see the evidence against them. She never contacted them.

The Sheriff told JAH and Crielly that they could not talk about the challenge as no “Minute of Notice” was turned in before the hearing. Because another hearing was set, it gave them the opportunity to turn in their minutes of notice, prior to the September 7th hearing.

Both of their “Minutes of Notices” are below, which were submitted on September 4th, appropriately two full days before the hearing, in which they gave notice that; on Thursday 7th September 2017, at the Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court; they intended discussing preparations for their challenge to the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the Crown/Regina. And on September 4th, the Procurator Fiscal decided not to proceed with the case against them. Each was notified of this decision the very next morning by post with a letter dated September 4, 2017.

Here are their Minute of Notices and the Procurator Fiscal’s Letter of deciding not to proceed.

The Lord’s “Minute of Notice”

Stephen Crielly’s “Minute of Notice”

The Procurator Fiscal’s Letter of “Decision not to proceed with the Case”


JAH’s Refutation of Charge


Following JAH’s arrest and the subsequent  charge against Him of making threats, here below is The King of Scotland’s refutation of the charge.  The case seemingly heads one step nearer towards a courtroom criminal trial in Edinburgh before a jury. This follows a recent first hearing on 15th August 2017.

Click here for a PDF download of JAH’s Refutation of Charge document.

Alternatively read the wording used for JAH’s submission below.

Procurator Fiscal (Procurer of Money),                       

In reference to the Indictment reference no. ED16017904 undated, that you have sent to me. I refute the ludicrous, malicious charge of uttering threats, on the following grounds:-

  1. The crown/regina is a fraudulent, criminal organization/person that/who has no lawful authority, or jurisdiction, as conclusively and irrefutably proven by the attached Challenge Document proving her fraudulent, unlawful coronation and breach of contract with the British people – Exhibit A.
  2. The quoted legislation Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 is ultra vires and fraudulent, as it is prohibited by The Law that the monarch swears to maintain to the utmost of their power, in the Coronation Oath. See Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:8 and 12:32, attached – Exhibit B.
  3. Even if the crown/regina was a lawful organization/person, which it/she most certainly is not, it/she would still have no authority or jurisdiction over me, as I am the King of kings and Rightful King and owner, not only of Scotland, but the entire planet and everything on it, including you. I advise you to study Psalm 2, also attached – Exhibit C.
  4. The wording quoted in this false charge has been maliciously cherry-picked and taken out of its original sentence and context, in order to maliciously fabricate this ridiculous charge, that only someone with a complete lack of comprehension of the English language, and having a twisted mind, could think was a personal threat by me to anyone.
  5. The false charge is politically-motivated, and an unwinnable, malicious-prosecution and abuse of process. It is also a huge waste of taxpayers’ money, for which all of the perpetraitors will be held fully accountable, in the fullness of time – see Psalm 2 and Malachi Ch.4, attached, both of which are about me – Exhibit C.
  6. The sheriff who granted me bail quite correctly told you, months ago at the bail-hearing, that he was not sure that what I wrote constituted an offence, because it does not. The sheriff, bless him, is obviously more intelligent, honest and righteous than you are. In criminal law a demurrer is usually based upon some defect in an indictment or the claim that the facts presented do not constitute a felony or other serious crime.
  7. I have merely quoted THE LAW and the SENTENCE of THE LAW to the very people who are supposed to administer THE LAW, and called upon everyone to repent of their treason and lawlessness, and return to THE LAW, instead of wrongly believing they are a law unto themselves, and can do as they like and make up/legislate their own rules to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense.
  8. It is a very sad state of affairs when the people who are supposed to maintain and administer THE LAW find it offensive, when it is quoted to them. As George Orwell wrote in his prescient book “1984”: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Just like it was 2,000 years ago, when I spoke it against the so-called authorities of that time, exactly as I am doing again now. You Scribes (so-called lawyers, though you deal only in fraudulent legislation NOT The Law) and Pharisees (politicians) never learn, except to be more devious, corrupt and evil. See Matthew Ch. 23 attached – Exhibit D.
  9. It is obvious that, just like the arrogant so-called authorities of 2,000 years ago, you have very foolishly wrongly and cavalierly decided that I can’t possibly be who I say, without examining any of the evidence that proves you wrong. and

Relevant quote from my affidavit dated 1st August 2016:

It is not the fraudulent Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body’s property, as very clearly explained by me, and thus the petitioner has NO rights. The evidence of this was given in writing quoting from The Law, before the hearing commenced.

I therefore command that Mr. Turnbull’s decision, which is null and void, be ignored, and Indycamp be left alone, until such time as God’s Perfect Royal Law of Liberty is reinstated in my Kingdom of Scotland and all legislation repealed and abolished.

In light of the above, the people of Scotland are duty-bound, by The Law (Deuteronomy 17:12*), to hunt down and execute Mr. Turnbull and all others, including Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Alexandra Battenberg, who, throughout my beloved United Kingdom, are administering fraudulent legislation, by which they oppress, rob and impoverish my peoples for their own selfish, evil gain, that they are doing as fraudulent registered “corporations,” trading for profit, or filthy lucre as Simon Peter called it, UNLESS they repent, kneel and swear allegiance to my Father, The Ruler of The Universe and me His Eldest Son and heir and agree to reinstate and administer ONLY MY LAW, with immediate effect.

They and the people of Scotland must acknowledge my Divine Right of Kingship over them, and ownership of this world, and give me my Rightful Throne – the REAL Stone of Destiny/Jacob’s Pillar/Bethel/The Throne of David, not the fake stone in Edinburgh Castle that Elizabeth Battenberg was fraudulently crowned upon.

This acknowledgement of my ownership of the world will enable me to declare the REAL Jubilee; not like the fake ones Elizabeth conned the people into celebrating in false, idolatrous worship of her; and forgive everyone’s debts, including, but not limited to, their mortgages, bank-loans, credit-card, car payments, etc., and redistribute the land amongst the people, so that every family will have sufficient land to be able to grow their own food, raise their own livestock and children without interference from “government” and redistribute the wealth amongst them, thus ending poverty and the crime that ensues from it.

Whereupon, I will arrest the war criminals, Tony Blair, Ian Blair, Elizabeth Battenberg and all of the others, who were the REAL perpe-traitors of the 7/7/2005 London bombings and hopefully prevent WW3.

I do solemnly swear and affirm before my Father, Almighty God, that the foregoing is the truth, so help me Father/God, Your Eldest Son and heir.

Date: 1st August 2016.

Signed:           Christ – King of Scotland. (

* Deuteronomy 17:12 And the man that will do presumptuously, and will not hearken unto the priest that standeth to minister there before the “I AM” thy God, or unto the judge, even that man shall die: and [thus] thou shalt put away the evil from Israel.

The Challenge referred to above can be accessed and downloaded from here

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