A Disciple’s Testimony

Greetings to you all. My name is Tony Farrell. This is a website I have had the privilege of working on. It is my intention to regularly update it with relevant material associated with the work of JAH.

I am a disciple of JAH, although most people who know of me, probably best recollect me as a police whistle-blower from time as an intelligence analyst in the police.

I want to explain, briefly, how I have made this journey from intelligence analyst to whistle-blower, to JAH’s disciple, by making reference to my relationship with JAH Himself. It’s a personal testimony: so here goes.

Back in 2010, on 7th July 2010, I agonised about what was a life-changing decision, which had been thrust upon me, while working for the police. Planned was a presentation before Senior Command Team members of South Yorkshire Police. At stake was the truth behind a terror-threat-assessment that I had been tasked to deliver. In short, my employers were asking me to bear false witness and what’s more they knew it. However, I had only woken up to the truth less than a week earlier, and at home, alone, in my valley of decision, prior to work on 8th July, I cried out to God to tell me what to do. Out of righteous indignation, I was contemplating doing something that I knew would get me the sack, more or less on the spot.

In my hour of distress, before I left for work, my impulse was to “google” search Jeremiah 33:3. Three months earlier, that Bible verse had had a deeply profound effect on me, when, on 10th May, I had encountered an astonishing experience, when a chess-player just dropped dead before my eyes, as I spoke the words “sacrifice” and “immortality”, at the awards’ ceremony of a Blitz chess tournament I was organising, in the local church hall.

My very first chequer-board encounter; following my relatively young chess-opponent’s sudden and unexpected death and funeral; came from an internet chess challenge, which arrived out of the blue, from a player from New York, who went by the pseudo chess-player name of “Jeremiah 33-3”.

This invite came, at the exact moment that I had a Bible on my computer desk, opened on the Book of Revelation, at chapter 17. I had just finished reading chapter 17 – A Woman Rides the Beast – and I was baffled by its real meaning. For a bit of light relief, because I had no appreciation at that time of the deeply profound meaning of this passage, I felt heavy-headed and so put the Bible down, said a little prayer about discernment, and then logged onto the computer for a game of chess. This was done with some mixed-feelings, as the memory of the death-scene of the chess-player, a week earlier, was still very much fresh and raw and at the forefront of my mind.

I declined the game of chess with Jeremiah 33-3, but logged-off and instead looked up the wording of the Bible passage. For me, it was one of those of my defining moments, in my spiritual journey. Jeremiah 33-3 says this:

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

A divine download of information soon ensued, which, in the space of three short months, was to result in me forsaking my nice well-paid job in the police.

Early on the morning of 8th July 2010, crying before I went to work, while contemplating whether or not to make a stand, against what I saw as evil police-state tyranny, those same verses in Jeremiah 33:3 suddenly came to mind again. Frantically, I searched the internet for some quick exposition on the meaning of Jeremiah 33:3 and some divine help, before setting off for my office at police HQ. Immediately, I stumbled upon a short you-tube video I had not previously seen. I clicked on it, as I was having breakfast. Within the first five seconds of watching it, I nearly choked on my cornflakes. The video opened up with 911, in the context of the number for the emergency services in America – UK’s equivalent to 999. The subject of 9/11 just so happened to be the very issue which was causing me to cry out, to God, for help with. The video of Jeremiah 33:3 gave me all the answers, and instantly told me what I must do in my own moment of distress, which was in the here and now. I urge you to pause for thought now, and watch this short video, the link to which is placed below, before reading to the end of this testimony.



After watching this video that morning, as I marched my body into work, bright and extra early, I knew then that God was asking me to do something that would willfully and with deliberate forethought, bring my police career to a shuddering halt. After making my stance before my boss, one of the first things managers did was to withdraw my police computer privileged access. Ironically, my password, at the time was Jeremiah-18, which refers to the potter’s wheel.

Henry’s commentary says this about Jeremiah 18 (1-10). While Jeremiah looks upon the potter’s work, God darts into his mind two great truths. God has authority, and power, to form and fashion kingdoms and nations as He pleases. He may dispose of us as He thinks fit; and it would be as absurd for us to dispute this, as for the clay to quarrel with the potter. But He always goes by fixed rules of justice and goodness. When God is coming against us in judgments, we may be sure it is because of our sins; but sincere conversion from the evil of sin will prevent the necessity for punishment, as to persons, and to families, and nations.

It was Muad’Dib’s film 7/7 Ripple Effect: watched for the first time, only a few short days before my stance; which had persuaded me that something was really rotten to the core, in the state of British policing, and in the nation. At that time, Muad’Dib meant nothing more to me than a person with a peculiar name, and a rather unusual voice and presentational style. Obviously, whoever this guy was, I thought, he certainly had a talent for film-making and had exceptional critical reasoning skills.

A year later, in July/August 2011, I was to meet Muad’Dib for the first time. Immediately, I sensed something was very different about him. By that time, I was aware that he had made public declarations that he was the Christ. I had wondered whether he could be, but in fairness, I did not take it that seriously and I was far too lazy in my own reading-habits, to check out what he was declaring and teaching.

However, Muad’Dib remained kind to me, and I saw him as a friend. He sent me an Armageddon Survival-Kit to my home. I paid his generosity back by putting it on a bookshelf, and forgetting all about it. I never once stopped to think and thank him for sending it to me either, but as a friend, I enjoyed the occasional Skype conversation with him, as he was taking an interest in what I was doing, with fighting my own unfolding employment tribunal case, against the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police.

Subsequently, I was flattered to see myself featuring in part, in his 7/7 Ripple Effect II film. I saw that sequel when it came out as a preview-event held by the Kent Freedom Movement. After watching this Ripple Effect II film, I recall Dr. Nick Kollerstrom pleading with me, as someone who might have influence, to have a quiet discrete word with Muad’Dib, in an effort to persuade him to remove his reference to Elijah in Malachi 4, which was made at the end of the NAZI Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect Film. According to Nick Kollerstrom, and several of his so called supporters, Muad Dib’s statement on this Ripple Effect film risked alienating followers, and potential followers, in the truth movement, or so I was told. They were worried it would cause division in the truth movement. I refused point-blank to do it. While not yet, at that time, convinced about who by Muad’Dib really is, I held him in great respect, and I was fearful of saying the wrong thing in the eyes of God. I felt at that time that it was possible that Muad’Dib was the real deal, and so, fearful of being wrong, just in case he was right, I declined Nick Kollerstrom’s approach to me for assistance.

Occasionally, I had tried to read the Book: The Way home or face The Fire. However, I was lazy and half-hearted about that undertaking, and whenever I did pick it up, I soon put it down again, as the teachings ran contrary to almost everything I’d been taught by Ministers in the church. I neither rejected nor embraced the teachings. I procrastinated.

Having soon thereafter lost nearly all my possessions and become destitute and penniless, it was Muad’Dib who, along with a truth campaigner Belinda McKenzie, helped me get myself back up and running, in my ongoing fight against police-state corruption. And when again things got quite hot for me in England, once more it was Muad’Dib, who offered me another olive branch, and invited me over to Ireland, when I was most needful. Muad’Dib did this for me, despite the fact that I had previously shunned him. I had done this by previously, and foolishly, ignoring the material he had sent me, while not so much as having the decency to thank him for his kind thoughts and free gift.

Before that happened, back on 5th November 2012, I had turned up at the House of Commons Jubilee event, out of intrigue, in the hope of seeing Muad’Dib again. In fairness, I was, at that time, still a fence-sitter about him. That evening, outside in Trafalgar Square, there were hundreds of people all wearing anonymous masks, but I never once saw Muad’Dib, even though he was somewhere close by. Fortunately for me, I met up with him, a few days later, and enjoyed his company for a couple of days, while he stayed in London.

Several months later and again at a crossroads, out of the blue, and when getting quite desperate, I received an invite from him to spend some time with him in Ireland, in April 2013. While over in Ireland, he taught me all manner of things I did not know about Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. Frankly I was astonished and shaken to learn of Jeremiah’s historical links to Ireland, via the Stone of Destiny and The Ark of The Covenant. I found the evidence utterly compelling.

From a few years of attending Bible-study house-groups, and being a Methodist church steward, I had developed an interest in the Bible. God’s word in Scripture had kept on speaking out to me throughout many of my perilous journeys. It was the word of God that had given me strength to carry on the fight, when all else might have otherwise seemed lost. Luke 18 versus 1-8 and the parable of the Unjust Judge, had impressed on me the need to remain prayerful and never give up the fight. Ironically, in that sense, I had grown as equally despairing with the church, as I had become with the police service. The more I researched and observed, the more I sensed something was fundamentally not right with practicing Christianity. For the most part, a mismatch existed between churchianity practice and the word of God. JAH’s teachings made perfect sense of why and how all the evil was happening, in the church, the synagogue of Satan and the world at large. One day, while in Ireland, I resolved to read “The Way home or face The Fire” from start to finish, without interruption. It was only after I did that, that I knew there and then that my good friend Muad’Dib was not just my good friend, but He was my Lord and Saviour, Christ in His second coming. From that point onwards, I vowed to be a disciple of JAH, and some of the ways God has called me, to work in His service, are reflected in this emerging JAHTALK website.


While the website’s focus is about the work of JAH, viewers will see that a minor proportion of the material soon zooms in on my former employers, South Yorkshire Police. There is a very good reason for that being the case. For sure, the hapless South Yorkshire Police, with Hillsborough, Orgreave, and the child-abuse scandals in Rotherham, remain much in the news these days. However, there is a much more profound and little known explanation for why South Yorkshire Police are experiencing all these woes. If you are curious enough to wonder why they are having so many bad things happening to them, then I invite you shortly to open up and read the JAH’s letter, in the Chronicles of Crompton page, sent recently by JAH Himself to Chief Constable David Crompton.

Link to letter:  JAH-CROMPTON.pdf

Finally, for my part in this, back in early 2004/05, when I was sitting comfortably in my job as the Principal Intelligence Analyst, I recall a Drugs Analyst called Angie Heal, who was talking about child-abuse issues in Rotherham. She did not work for me, but she was desperately trying to get the attention of more senior managers than me. It was about the scale of the ongoing problem she was claiming to exist. She appeared a lone voice. She was ignored. The intelligence processed on the computer-systems did not support what she was saying, so nobody took much notice of her. Looking back now, because her intelligence was not processed on the computer-system, I did not take as much interest in her work as perhaps I could and should have done. I was not attuned to the issues, and I had my own battles to fight within the police culture, and its institutionalised snobbery. I was very much still asleep and I had been indoctrinated into a new and fundamentally flawed national intelligence model – the road to nowhere. While with hindsight, I wished I had been sharp-enough back then to have taken a keener interest in Angie’s work, it was not meant to be, and soon after Angie Heal first made some sound-bites, I left SYP to take a two-year secondment to Leeds and the Government Office.

Shortly after returning to Sheffield, following that two-year secondment, when Angie was no longer around, I had a strange and unforgettable dream. In that dream, I witnessed police-state tyranny in my own office, when armed police, from the National Crime Agency, burst into my office while I was sitting at my desk. Without warning, they opened up with rapid machine-gun fire at some louvred cupboard doors, behind which were hidden young children. It was a massacre.

As I sat horrified and chilled at the scenes unfolding before my very eyes, the large office window opposite flung open and a gust of warm wind blew across my face and body. In the dream, it was a glorious sunny day, amidst the carnage in my office, which backs onto the Director of Intelligence’s office, a loud voice spoke to me. It said this:


I awoke from the dream, not really knowing its meaning.

As we approach 2015, and reflecting on the position I was in, back then, that vivid and stark dream became influential in giving me the courage and conviction, to make a career-forsaking stance, in July 2010. Yet, at no time while working for South Yorkshire Police, did I ever, even in my wildest dreams, think the real prophetic meaning of the dream would entail working beside Christ, here on prison-planet Earth.

As for the police-state massacre of children, well it seems to me symbolic of what’s gone off at Rotherham, under the watch of my former managers.

It’s also no coincidence that within a matter of a few hours of first meeting JAH, back in 2011, JAH, who I only ever referred to as Muad’Dib at that time, accompanied me to attend a Bible-study house-group, located some distance away from where I lived. The location just happened to be Eastwood, the epi-centre of the current troubles with the Child-Abuse Scandals in Rotherham. Once there at that house-group, we offered to show members the 7/7 Ripple Effect Film. Immediately, tension ensued between the Minister of the local church and JAH, and so we left early, as Muad’Dib’s powerful messages in that film were unpalatable for a clergyman intent on willful blindness. That tiny little incident seems to me to be a microcosm, of what’s happened between Christ and the wider Church, for the last two thousand years.

I hope this personal testimony encourages you to check out JAH’s teachings for yourself.

Peace be with you all

Tony Farrell