The Madness of Mecca


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Sura 27

27:16. And Solomon was David’s heir. He said: “O ye people! We have been taught the speech of birds, and on us has been bestowed (a little) of all things: this is indeed Grace manifest (from “I AM”).”

People can NOT prostrate themselves inside the Kaba in Mecca. It is a black rock, not a Temple or House of God and a rock is solid. It is impossible to prostrate oneself inside it. So this statement can NOT possibly refer to Mecca. It refers to Mt. Moriah in Jeru-salem (the City of Peace).

Sura 2:126 And remember Abraham (who was a Hebrew – NOT Jewish) said: “My Lord, make this a City (Jeru) of Peace (salem) – Jeru-salem means “City of Peace”.

Sura 2:125 The House (of God) is the Station of Abraham where he offered Isaac in sacrifice (Mt. Moriah – Genesis 22 v 2) in the “City of Peace” – “Jerusalem”.

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THE GOOD NEWS OF A BOY (PROOF that Abraham offered ISAAC)

Sura 37:101 And We gave Abraham the “good news” of a boy ready to suffer and forbear (through the angel messengers We sent to him).

Sura 37:102 Then, when the boy reached the age of serious work with him Abraham said, “O my son! I see in vision that I offer thee in sacrifice.”

Sura 37:112 And We gave him the “good news” of Isaac – a prophet – one of the righteous (through the angel messengers We sent to him).

Sura 37:113 We blessed Abraham and Isaac.

Sura 6:84 And We gave Abraham Isaac and Jacob: all three We guided aright.

Sura 38:45-46 And commemorate Our servants Abraham, Isaac (not Ishmael), and Jacob, possessors of Power and Vision. Verily did We choose them for a special purpose – proclaiming the Message of the Hereafter. They were in Our sight, truly, of the company of the Elect and the good.

Sura 11:71 And We gave Abraham the glad tidings (“good news”) of Isaac and after him Jacob / Israel (the son of Isaac).

Sura 15:54 “Good news” of a son.

Sura 51:28 Glad tidings (“good news”) of a son (Isaac – “laughter” in Hebrew) and Sarah laughed being 90 years old (the word Isaac means laughter and because Sarah laughed the child was named “laughter” – Isaac in Hebrew).

We gave the “good news” means “news from God” via an angel messenger. No angel was ever sent to Abraham to announce the birth of Ishmael and this is born-out by all of the Holy Scriptures. He was born because of Sarai (Sarah) not because of God and was born to an Egyptian surrogate-mother, called Hagar.

All of the references of “good news” refer to Isaac and not to Ishmael, proving that the Meccans changed the name Isaac for Ishmael in Sura 2:125 and 127.

However Ishmael was blessed by God, later, when Abraham, who loved him, asked God to let Ishmael live before God (Genesis 17:18-20).


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Sura 7:133. So We sent (plagues) on them: wholesale Death, Locusts, Lice, Frogs, and Blood: Signs openly self-explanatory: but they were steeped in arrogance,- a people given to sin.

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Sura 30:24. And among His Signs, He shows you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope, and He sends down rain from the sky and with it gives life to the earth after it is dead: verily in that are Signs for those who are wise.

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Interesting as the following four articles on Mecca are, conspicuous by its absence from any of the editorials is any suggestion that Mecca being bui;t on the proverbial sand, has something awful it needs to hide about its historical emergence in the first two or three hundred years after The Prophet Mohammed’s death.

The photos Saudi Arabia doesn’t want seen – and proof Islam’s most holy relics are being demolished in Mecca

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Medina: Saudis take a bulldozer to Islam’s history



The following selected slides have been extracted for illustrative purposes directly from an historical critique of Islamic Origins by Professor Jay Smith. Please note that the critique, useful as it is in parts, is not endorsed in its entirety.

The section below deals primarily with respect to Professor Jay Smith’s treatment of Dan Gibson’s work  on Early Islamic Qiblas.  The selected slides are recreated here with corrections / enhancement in instances where Professor Jay Smith relies upon Holy Scripture taken from The Holy Koran. All too often, The Holy Scripture has been taken out of context, and / or misinterpreted, deliberately or otherwise.  Therefore all corrected scripture is shown immediately underneath each of the slides where relevant. The correct scripture with the  correct interpretation is taken from JAH’s King of kings’ Bible, which includes The Holy Koran, correctly translated, and cross referenced with both The Old Covenant and The New Covenant of The Holy Bible.

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Caliph Omar became Caliph in 634 A.D. upon the death of Caliph Abu Bakr, only two years after Mohammed’s death and sixteen years before the Koran was completed. He captured Jerusalem and had the mosque built – the Mosque of Omar or Dome of the Rock.

The first (eastern) Mosque of Omar
According to later documents, after the Siege of Jerusalem in 637 by the Rashidun army under the command of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah, Patriarch Sophronius refused to surrender except to the Caliph Omar (579-644) himself. Omar travelled to Jerusalem and accepted the surrender. He then visited the Church of the Resurrection (today better known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) where Sophronius invited him to pray inside the church, but Omar declined so as not to set a precedent and thereby endanger the church’s status as a Christian site. Instead he prayed outside, on the steps east of the church,[1] in a place where David was believed to have prayed.[citation needed] The first Mosque of Omar was later built at that site, as evidenced by a stone plate with a Kufic inscription found in 1897 in the area of the eastern or outer atrium of the Constantinian (4th-century) Church of the Resurrection, defining this area as a mosque.[1]

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Sura 48

48:24. And it is He Who has restrained their hands from you and your hands from them in the midst of the Holy City, after that He gave you the victory over them. And “I AM” sees well all that ye do.

Sura 3

3:96. The chief House (of worship) appointed for men was that at The Holy Place: full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings:
3:97. In it are Signs manifest (for example), the Station of Abraham (Mt. Moriah) whoever enters it attains security; Pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to God,- those who can afford the journey; but if any deny faith, God stands not in need of any of His creatures.

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Sura 6

6:92. And this is a Book which We have sent down, bringing blessings, and confirming (the revelations) which came before it: that thou mayest warn the Mother of Cities (Jerusalem – Isaiah 1:1, 21; Matt. 23:37) and all around her (just like almost all of the previous Prophets were also told to do). Those who believe in the Hereafter (also) believe this (Book), and they are constant in guarding their prayers.

Sura 42

42:5. The heavens are almost rent asunder from above them (by His Glory): and the angels celebrate the Praises of their Lord, and pray for forgiveness for (all) Beings on Earth: behold! Verily “I AM” is He, the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

7:24. (“I AM”) said: “Get ye down, with enmity between yourselves. On Earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood,- for a time.”

Sura 21

21:51. We bestowed aforetime on Abraham his rectitude of conduct, and well were We acquainted with him.
21:52. Behold! He said to his dad and his people, “What are these images, to which ye are (so assiduously) devoted?”
21:53. They said, “We found our fathers worshipping them.”
21:54. He said, “Indeed ye have been in obvious error – ye and your ancestors.”
21:55. They said, “Have you brought us the Truth, or are you one of those who jest?”
21:56. He said, “Nay, your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the Earth, He Who created them (from nothing): and I am a witness to this (Truth).
21:57. “And by God, I have a plan for your idols – after ye go away and turn your backs”..
21:58. So he broke them to pieces, (all) but the biggest of them, that they might turn (and address themselves) to it.
21:59. They said, “Who has done this to our gods? He must indeed be some man of disrespect!”
21:60. They said, “We heard a youth talk of them: he is called Abraham.”
21:61. They said, “Then bring him before the eyes of the people, that they may bear witness.”
21:62. They said, “Art thou the one that did this with our gods, O Abraham?”
21:63. He said: “Nay, this was done by – this their biggest one! Ask them, if they can speak intelligently!”
21:64. So they turned to themselves and said, “Surely ye are the ones in the wrong!”
21:65. Then were they confounded with shame: (they said), “Thou knowest full well that these (idols) do not speak!”
21:66. (Abraham) said, “Do ye then worship, besides God, things that can neither be of any good to you nor do you harm?
21:67. “Fie upon you, and upon the things that ye worship besides God! Have ye no sense?”…
21:68. They said, “Burn him and protect your gods, if ye do (anything at all)!”
21:69. We said, “O Fire! Be thou cool, and (a means of) safety for Abraham!”
21:70. Then they sought a stratagem against him: but We made them the ones that lost most!
21:71. But We delivered him and (his nephew) Lot (and directed them) to the land which We have blessed for the nations.

Sura 2

2:145. Even if thou wert to bring to the people of the Book all the Signs (together), they would not follow thy Sacrifice nor art thou going to follow their Sacrifice nor indeed will they follow each other’s Sacrifice. If thou after the Knowledge hath reached thee, wast to follow their (vain) desires,-then wast thou indeed (clearly) in the wrong.
2:146. The people of the Book know this as they know their own sons; but some of them conceal the truth which they themselves know.
2:147. The Truth is from thy Lord (not from satan); so be not at all in doubt.
2:148. To each is a goal to which God turns him; then strive together (as in a race) towards all that is good. Wheresoever ye are, God will bring you together. For God hath power over all things.
2:149. From whencesoever thou startest forth, turn thy face in the direction of the Holy Temple that is indeed the Truth from the Lord. And God is not unaware of what ye do.

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