A Monkey Off My Back

I write in my capacity as the Former Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police. Two things that struck me most upon my introduction to Senior Command Team members after joining  the Police Service in 1993 are as follows:

The first was a quote used by the Chief Constable Richard Wells;

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The second was a strange portrait of an uncharismatic  Assistant Chief Constable named JACKSON, as hung within the corridors of the power in the Senior Command Team suite at Police HQ.

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The $64,000 dollar question.  Why are T.H.E.Y. still protecting Walter Jackson?  SYP Niagara – The Sound of ELIJAH’s SHOFAR.  Blown to bring down the walls of silence about ACC WALTER JACKSON!

Twenty-seven years later, and  amidst some clearer insight as to why  the above two seemingly innocuous and inconsequential things, were so striking to me, there’s a great big monkey on my back.  That monkey concerns the corruption within South Yorkshire Police, and their complicity in the wider planning and cover-up of the Hillsborough Disaster, as was plainly evident at their Niagara complex on the evening of the disaster.  Their “Justice With Courage” mantra notwithstanding,  it’s now surely time for them to be in for an even bigger fall onto the rocks, than the fast flowing waters at Niagara itself.

Tony Farrell (alias Martin SleuthER)

Former Principal Intelligence Analyst, South Yorkshire Police

Here below, is perhaps how T.H.E.Y. are heading for a big fall.

Long Live The King; Long Live The Fighters;

Long Live The Fighters for The 96!

For God’s Sake, Please Give Back Those Silly Gongs to Elizabeth!

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Knighted – Kenny Dalglish (2018); gongs for Bishop James Jones, Margaret Aspinall & Trevor Hicks
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Knighted – Bettison  (2006); Hogan-Howe (2013) alongside various other queen’s medals / QPM’s for Mereddyd Hughes & David Crompton on the back of 7/7 London Bombings inside-job, false-flag cover-up.

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WMP Whitewash – Geoffrey Dear – Promoted ’90; Knighted ’97; & Life Peer ’06
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Promoted to Chief Constable in West Yorkshire Police in 2008 – ACC Graham Moore whitewashed  an internal disciplinary process over Hillsborough
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Knighted – Chief Constables James Sharples ’96 & Leslie Sharp ’97; Protected – ACC Jackson
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Knighted – Tom WInsor (2015) and Dan Crompton (2005)
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Patnick was the chairman of trustees of The Trust for Research into Freemasonry, a charity established to support the Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism at the University of Sheffield.  Knighted – Irvine Patnick (1994) and belatedly apologised for his role in spreading lies in 2012


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Knighted – Bernard Ingham (1990) / Even after the Second Inquest, Ingham refused to apologise or respond to the previous scathing comments he made about Hillsborough, which led to petitions being created on change.org and petitions.parliament.uk, the official website for government petitions.
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Knighted – Michael Shersby (1995); Hereditary Peer – Colin Moynihan (1997) / Papal Knighted – Charles Powell (1990) & Life Peer (2000)
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Created a Baron – Douglas Hurd (1997) / Created a Baronet – Denis Thatcher (1990) / In October 2016,  Amber Rudd decided not to open an inquiry into the events at Orgreave during the 1984 miners’ strike
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Coroner Steffan Popper in 1990 & Oliver Popplewell in 2011 both sparked fury with the Hillsborough Families / Coroner John Goldring protected Walter Jackson from any adversarial questions at the inquest
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Life Peer – Peter Taylor 1992; Knighted – Stuart Smith 1981 and Anthony Hooper 1995
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Victoria Sharp, Peter Openshaw and William Davis have all angered the families in recent times
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Penalised – Victoria Sharp orders families to pay the £28,000 legal costs of a police chief David Crompton who was sacked over the Hillsborough scandal. Alan Billing’s sacking of David Crompton was later deemed unfair: a decision which further angered the families.
Screenshot from 2020-04-13 13:32:50
Appointed – Director of Public Prosecutions in 2013, Alison Saunders had angered families in 1996 by saying a new inquest was not necessary. / Sue Hemming, Director of Legal Services, has been made a CBE for services to law and order, particularly in counter terrorism.
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MANY, MANY decisions went against the families /  Michael Lockwood from the Independent Office for Police Complaints /  Rachel Cerfontyne from the former Independent Police Complaints Commission
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The Operation Resolve Command Team of Rob Beckley; Gerry Donnellan and Neil Malkin
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Prime Ministers – Cameron, May and Johnson with various climb-downs and apologies over Hillsborough
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Papal Knighted – Rupert Murdoch (1998)
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Murdoch’s Influence before and after The Hillsborough Disaster
Please Watch The Hillsborough Ripple Effect Documentary Film by Muad’Dib
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Families, survivors and other campaigners have long suspected a Masonic Cover-Up of Mammoth proportions
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It’s Elizabeth’s judicial system; Elizabeth’s Judges; Elizabeth’s Courts; Elizabeth’s government;
and Elizabeth’s police service, which have run the families ragged, for the last thirty-one years.
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The monkey on my back has an important message and a petition.
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Were the FA mocking you in selecting a solicitor named JAMES EIGHTEEN, knowing full well  that Coroner Goldring would protect the Football Association at all costs at the second inquest, as they palpably did? WE ARE CONVINCED THEY WERE!


Screenshot from 2020-04-14 08:39:24
BERT MILLICHIP – FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION / Associated with Thatcher’s visit to Hillsborough – 1989 / Served as a Trustee of the Football Trust / Donated £2.5m to the Hillsborough fund /  Appointed as a Director – PEL Stadium Seating 1996 /  Knighted in 1991 /  TED CROKER – FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION /  Alerted to safety issues at Leppings Lane End – 1988 /  Plagued with troubles about hooliganism in 1980’s /  “These people are society’s problems and we don’t want your hooligans in our sport, prime minister.” /  Linked with PEL Stadium Seating – Director – 1989 / Appointed son-in-law as Sales Director – 1990/ Synchronised appointment with the Taylor Report /  GLEN KIRTON – F.A. HEAD OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS /  Attended the Police Control Box twice at key moments /  Observed early lies / Produced press media reports on the day /  Denied he gave the early information to the BBC /  Awarded O.B.E. for services to football – 1997

Long Live The Fighters for The 96

“2.2.12 The Match Commander in 1989 was C/Supt Duckenfield. As in 1988, SYP’s Assistant Chief Constable for Operations, Walter Jackson, assumed overall control of planning and operational policing on the day.”

Screenshot from 2020-04-02 00:25:11

“2.2.96 . . . ACC Jackson’s assessment of C/Supt Duckenfield was that he did a ‘superb job’, describing him as ‘calm, cool, collected and he was good with his staff, and we worked well together in the box’.”



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