Casemates Square Blues

Statement of Truth from Tony Farrell

For the attention of the Gibraltar Police Authority – Police Complaints Board

1.0 Introduction

  1. My name is Tony Farrell. I can be contacted on my email address as follows:

  2. This Statement of Truth details a complaint I wish to make against the conduct of a male police officer PC 201 and a WPC 198, both from the Royal Gibraltar Police.

  3. My complaint concerns an incident which occurred in Casemates Square on National Day 10th September 2018. This occurred when I was inappropriately stopped, questioned and then subsequently detained and searched at the nearby police station in Casemates Square.

2.0 Complaint Relating to the Incident at Casemates Square 10th September 2018

  1. The event in question occurred between 10:45hrs and 11:45hrs on 10th September 2018. This is what happened of relevance during that time interval.

  2. While in Casemates Square, experiencing for my first time, the cultural celebrations taking place on Gibraltar’s National Day, I was stopped by two police officers from The Royal Gibraltar Police. I had merely been taking one or two photographs on my video recorder so as to capture the essence of what was for me, a-never-before-seen occasion. I had arrived in Casemates with the intention of staying for an hour or so, just so as to listen to the National speeches and gain some better understanding of the Gibraltarian culture.

  3. It was never my intention to participate in the wider traditions of National Day, but the subject interests me, so I had been looking forward to observing some highlights of the occasion, just for an hour or so. I had been wandering around Casemates Square for twenty minutes of so, observing and enjoying the happy atmosphere and entertainment. I was struck by how everyone seemed in a good mood, and noted the mass of red and white colour. A handful of photographs had been taken of the occasion.

  4. Since I wasn’t sure exactly where the keynote speeches were to take place, and what time they were scheduled to start, as we are taught as children to do, I asked a police officer on duty in the square. I was basically told that yes, I was in the right place, and when the speeches would start.

  5. Shortly after that, while walking in front of a GBC stall, I noticed a former work colleague of mine, whom I hadn’t seen for donkey’s years. This was the GBC radio host presenter named Lucinda Snape. She was obviously on duty, live on air. As I didn’t want to disturb her, or distract her from her broadcasting duties, I waited for an opportune moment, and then, I merely caught her attention, said hello to her with a friendly smile, and put my thumb up to her saying, “Nice one, Lucinda!”. Lucinda recognised me and smiled saying my name. After that, I started moving towards the big stage to get a closer look at some of the entertainment on display.

  6. At that point, there was a sudden tap on my shoulder from behind. To my surprise, it was a male police officer accompanied by a female police officer. I think that the male officer was the same officer who had moments before informed me about the location of the National Day speeches.

  7. The male police officer started to ask me questions, but as it was extremely loud outside, we went round the corner through some archway and stood near a Pizza Place, where we could better converse.

  8. As it was hot, and I had been walking for a while, I asked that if we were to chat, could we sit down via a nearby bench. I think from recollection that I was allowed to sit.

  9. The male police officer then started to ask me some private questions, without initially explaining why he had approached me from behind.

  10. I was asked my name and so I gave it as Tony Farrell.

  11. I was asked why I was here, and so I indicated that I wanted to watch what was going on during the National day, indicating that it’s the first time I have seen and experienced the occasion, as I am still relatively new here.

  12. The police officer responded by saying, “Good, so you do know it is National Day then?”

  13. I said, “Yes, of course”.

  14. So he mentioned something about the terror threat facing Gibraltar from overseas, seemingly as his justification for stopping me, and asking me questions.

  15. So I replied something like this, “Yes, I know a bit about that, so I kind of understand.”

  16. In a series of quick-fire questions, the male police officer then proceeded to ask me what I was doing in Gibraltar.

  17. So I answered correctly and indicated that I was sent here.

  18. The male police officer responded by something like this, “Sent here, sent here to do what?”

  19. I responded by saying that I haven’t actually been told in specific terms what exactly I am here for.

  20. So the police officer asked, “Sent here by whom?”

  21. I replied that I was sent here by JAH.

  22. He asked me Who is JAH.

  23. I replied that JAH is my boss. While the answer is correct, a much superior answer, could and should have been given. I should have said, “JAH is Christ, in His Second Coming”.

  24. The male police officer did not seem especially happy with the answer given, and so I was then asked what I do.

  25. I indicated that it’s kind of complex to explain, but it’s all on my JAHTALK website, if only he’d care to look.

  26. Again the male police officer indicated that he was not happy with that answer.

  27. He asked me how did I get to Gibraltar, and I provided answers.

  28. I was asked again, Who is JAH.

  29. In pausing for a moment, to think of how best to answer, I indicated that that would take quite some explanation, but again, I said, it’s all very well-documented on my website. That is quite correct, it is well-documented, but upon reflection, a second opportunity was missed by me to give the police officer the best possible answer which would have been as follows: “JAH is Christ, in His Second Coming”. I did not say that, but I know now that I should have done, and regret not having done so.

  1. Again, the police officer did not especially like the answer I gave. He asked me is JAH some “Higher Power” or something.1

  2. So for a third time, I indicated that the real answer can be found on my website, and while elaborating a bit further, a third opportunity was yet again missed by me, to give the two police officers the unequivocally best and most accurate answer about JAH being Christ. I now have to answer to Christ for that failure of mine to be explicit.

  3. The police officer asked me where is JAH now. I answered that I don’t know. That was a correct answer.

  4. I was asked about how long am I intending to stay in Gibraltar. I said that that pretty much depends on what JAH requires from me. Again that was an entirely accurate answer, although it would have been a better and clearer answer had I used the name Christ rather than JAH. With hindsight, I regret not answering like that.

  5. I was asked various other questions about my situation in Gibraltar, and so I gave answers.

  6. The male officer accused me of being evasive, and said that he was not happy with my answers.

  7. The male police officer then also suddenly accused me of being nervous. I replied that I didn’t feel nervous. He said, “You are, you are visibly shaking”. I looked down at my body’s hands and arms and I could not see them shaking, so I gently replied that I didn’t accept that I was shaking. I considered here that the male officer was making a false accusation in an attempt to unsettle me.

  8. By this time, I sensed that the male police officer had made up his mind not to be friendly with me, and I was now convinced in my own mind that he was deliberately firing false allegations against me, in an effort to unsettle and provoke me.

  9. At some point around this time, the police officer was trying to claim that I said that I’d only been here in Gibraltar for a day. Believing him to be deliberately trying to fluster me, I informed him that he must have misunderstood me. I clarified that I was seeing the Gibraltar National Day for the very first time, but in actual fact I’d actually been here in Gibraltar since July 2018.

  10. He asked me to show him what was in my pockets. While I was by now, under the distinct impression that his engagement was intimidatory, I fully co-operated with the request, and in an effort to be helpful, without any fuss whatsoever, showed the police officers my wallet, its modest contents, my passport, and my video recorder.

  1. At that point, I was informed that I was required to accompany them to the police station for further questioning. I merely complied without even asking why. As one of Christ’s disciples, I could and should have questioned the Sovereignty and Jurisdiction, but I confess plainly that I failed to respond correctly for The Lord, when such an opportunity arose to Challenge the Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of the Crown, and thus the Governor, RGP and Judiciary, all of whom are acting fraudulently/criminally in claiming an authority they do not possess, because their authority comes from a fraudulent/criminal monarch/crown, and fraud vitiates EVERYTHING, and thus the unlawfulness of the Police Officer’s pretended authority and orders made to me at that particular moment in time, and his unlawful detention of me and invasion of my privacy. The fraudulent/criminal monarch cannot delegate a lawful authority that she does not herself lawfully possess, and no law-breaker/criminal can be a law-enforcer.

  2. Meanwhile, on our way to the police station, when I saw a homeless person whom I knew, sitting not a few feet away from me, I was prevented from engaging with him. I was instructed to proceed towards the police station. Erroneously, in The Sight of The Lord, I complied. In The sight of The Lord, the male police officer had no authority or Jurisdiction over me. As a Disciple of Christ’s, I could and should have explained this to the two police officers. I regret not doing so.

  3. As I made my way with them to the police station from under the archway, just as we came into full view of the large crowd, the male police officer suddenly placed his hand on my shoulder from behind me, as if to show all and sundry in Casemates Square that they’d just apprehended someone who fit their conceptual models of what a Muslim Terrorist might look like.

  4. Perhaps to the red and white masses in the square, this would be wrongly perceived, as a highly visible incident under the guise of Project Servator, as an act of terrorism, that the Royal Gibraltar Police had just thwarted.

  5. Doubtless, to the unsuspecting masses, this would be wrongly perceived at first glance as an act of police public protection and crime prevention at its absolute finest.

  6. In truth, the exaggerated actions of the male police officer were done merely for show: playing to an audience. Such actions were completely unnecessary. No arrest had been made and no threat was posed by an innocent bystander – me.

  7. Of course, a forceful hand placed on the shoulder of a so called Muslim Terrorist lookalike would serve the RGP very well indeed in countenancing the perpetuation of the bogus terror threat construct.

  8. For sure, the male police officer’s actions ticked all the right boxes. This was highly visible. This was reassuring to the public. This would help greatly reinforce the inherent bias in the public’s mindset about the phantom menace from abroad, all in one fell swoop. It was outright street-theatre, bold and brilliant.

  9. This was all done at my expense. It was totally unwarranted. No threat was posed and no unfriendliness had been shown, and I am not a Muslim, and obviously neither African nor Asian: I am English. Whoever, or whatever they thought I was, and I had told them my name, and how to find out exactly who I was, only someone with a prejudicial brainwashed mindset and jaundiced eyes, could equate my neat and tidy appearance with that of the so-called “Mad Mullah” stereotypical Muslim terrorist.

  10. Inside the police station, I was duly asked to stand up and a search was performed. My passport, wallet, driving license and video recorder were examined. Also in my pockets was a little notebook and one other vitally important item, which I shall come to later in paragraph number 77.

  11. Regarding my notebook, my personal details were read from cover to cover, and an inquisition was held, as if I was a guilty terrorist plotting to blow up the square.

  12. When the male police officer saw the name “Richard Mifsud” written in my notebook, he gasped and immediately zoomed in on that golden nugget. I was duly asked about the identity of Richard Mifsud. So when asked to explain who he was, I replied that I thought he should know that he was the male police officer’s police force’s deputy commissioner.

  13. Looking somewhat puzzled, the male police officer asked me why his name was written down in my notebook. I proceeded to explain that it was because I had been writing to him over the last few weeks, as likewise I had been writing to Superintendent Wayne Tunbridge, while also simultaneously engaging a little bit here and there with Sgt. Philbin, Sgt Olivera, PC Strachan, Sgt Riley, and his police constable accomplice named after Manfred Man of “Blinded by the Light” fame, and, just for good measure, I threw in the fact that top of cops on my communications list was the Commissioner Ian McGrail. With reference to Sgt Riley and PC Manfred, I let the officers detaining me know that I had made some sort of important disclosure under the Terrorism Act, only a few days earlier on Friday 9th September 2018. The mood changed in a flash.

  14. A somewhat startled male police officer, then asked me again who I was. Both officers were then told that I was Tony Farrell, but this time I added that I am a former Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police.

  15. The male police officer asked me why did I not tell him that in the first place. So I replied that I had repeatedly tried to tell him that my details could all be read on the internet, if he only had cared to look, and listen to me, and that it’s rather a complex situation to try to explain in a simple one-line response, when he was demanding overly simplistic answers.

  16. The male police officer, in now appearing to defend his actions, pointed out that I had been wearing a “hoody”, even though the climate was hot and humid, as if this was a crime, when millions of people wear hoodies. It was perfectly true, that it was hot and humid, I warrant. However, that was no reason to suspect me of anything.

  17. I simply nodded, and agreed about it being very hot. However, just to be clear about the clothes being worn, the actual clothes that this body of mine was wearing on the day, consisted of a navy blue crocheted hat, a navy blue top with a hood, navy blue trousers, and navy blue shoes. There was no insignia anywhere.

  18. It was just plain old fashioned blue. The body looked clean and respectable, and my conduct had at all times been courteous and polite. The attached photograph shows me in almost identical attire elsewhere. The body normally gets dressed in bluish colours as a matter of course anyway, but on this occasion, it was deliberately dressed all in blue, because blue is God and Christ’s colour, whereas red is Satan’s colour, as written clearly in Scripture (Rev. 12:3)2, and Casemates Square was awash with it.

  19. In no way can the wearing of plain blue be remotely construed as offensive to anyone. After-all Gibraltarians claim to be British and staunchly proud of it, and the British colours are red, white and BLUE, and I was adding some BLUE. If ever there was a stark example of Project Servator’s Satanically inspired intent at work, then this, I am afraid, was it. Following the RGP’s engagement in late 2017, with the utterly corrupt and evil S015 from the Metropolitan Police, I was mindful that my blue attire and my longish white beard might possibly catch the eye amidst a sea of red, but looking a bit different from the norm, was surely not a valid reason for preventing my entitlement to enjoy the occasion peacefully and respectfully, as I was doing. Those two RGP police officers, who have evidently allowed themselves to be brainwashed into believing a totally false and fabricated terror threat narrative, in a continuation of “Operation Gladio” and the “Strategy of Tension”, need to take note.

  20. You ALL need to research into and study “Operation Gladio”, and Muad’Dib’s “7/7 Ripple Effect 2”, should be made compulsory viewing in police training. That way the RGP will be able to see through the propaganda lies in order to discover the truth that’s being hidden from you, to keep you afraid, cowed and compliant.

  21. In a spiritual sense, I believe God The Father arranged this incident to happen, in order to provide a perfect illustration of the degree to which the Royal Gibraltar Police has succumbed, and has been hopelessly indoctrinated into believing the lies about such terror threat falsehoods. On that score, my own initial prior conceptual model of their bias, based on my training and experience as an intelligence analyst was duly confirmed, and the prejudicial brainwashing of the male police officer, collar number 201, in particular, was unequivocally demonstrated beyond doubt.

  22. During the early stages of my detention, false accusations were made that I was nervous and evasive. If I did indeed come across as nervous, which I deny, I could claim that it was possibly because it’s not every day one gets stopped and searched, and especially in such a hostile, confrontational way.

  23. If I appeared evasive at times, which I won’t necessarily deny, then I attribute that to my own severe shortcomings in serving as a Disciple of Christ, and letting Him down badly by not making it crystal clear to the police officers involved, that in actual fact, I was working for Christ, Who is here on Earth right now, in His Second Coming. JAH is Christ: doubt it not.

  24. To the police officers in person however, I ineptly explained that I was merely pondering how best to answer the quick-fire questions, as my situation is rather unusual, and very different from the norm.

  25. As far as Christ is concerned, for Whom I work, this was a rather displeasing performance from one of His Disciples, in certain aspects.

  26. Continuing with the detention, I was duly asked whether I spoke Spanish, and I replied that I didn’t.

  27. Given the list of RGP police officers I’d previously name-dropped before the male police officer, the WPC then proceeded to make some phone calls, to seemingly verify if what I had told them stacked-up. From the gist of the phone calls, it plainly did.

  28. I was duly informed that Special Branch wanted to speak with me, but the female police officer indicated that they would only want to keep me for five minutes or so. By now, the atmosphere was no longer frosty, or threatening. In actual fact, I was quite looking forward to the unexpected prospect of having a chat with Special Branch Officers on National Day.

  29. I recall at some stage asking for clarification about whether I was under arrest. Obviously, at no stage did I think I was, but I just wanted to be sure. The police officers confirmed that I was not under any arrest, but they said that the details of my short detention and stop and search, would go on record.

  30. During the course of waiting for the arrival of Special Branch, I was kindly given a couple of bottles of cold water to drink. The atmosphere became increasingly more pleasant in the station, and I confess plainly that I was starting to enjoy myself.

  31. More phone calls were being made in Spanish and in English while I sat waiting. Hearing the conversations, especially the ones in English, I got the impression that the WPC was having to try to defend their decision as to why they had detained me, and wasn’t finding it easy to justify. I also got the impression she was being reprimanded by a superior.

  32. In defending their actions, I heard the woman police officer use the word “weird” on the phone.

  33. While waiting for Special Branch to arrive, I mentioned in conversation that just before they had engaged with me, I’d seen someone at the GBC stall whom I had not seen for donkey’s years, who had been part of my team of senior intelligence analysts that worked under my supervision. I asked them had they heard of her by name. Neither police officer had heard of the person in question, saying they don’t tend to listen to the GBC radio station during those particular broadcasting hours, because of shifts, etc.

  34. The WPC invested some time looking through my video recorder. She asked me if I was Catholic. At the time, I did not realise why she was asking me that, but I simply said, “No, but some of my body’s family are.” When I was given back the recorder, it then dawned on me, that she’d seen some photographs taken of graven images inside some of Gibraltar’s idolatrous Catholic Cathedral and churches.

  35. Back in paragraph number 52, I mentioned one other vitally important item I had in my possession during the search. That happened to be a DVD of Muad’Dib’s “7/7 Ripple Effect 2”, about The Truth behind the false-flag London Bombings of 7th July 2005.3

  36. Early on in the search, the male police officer looked closely at the front cover of the DVD, and read its title, but abjectly failed in his duty to ask me a single question about it. The question has to be asked, “Why not?”. After all, this was a DVD about terrorism, and mass murder, and what is more, I had been caught red-handed with such an item in my possession.

  37. Here’s the clincher. Had the police officers’ motives been in any shape or form genuine, did they not have a duty of care to the public, under Project Servator, to probe me about the DVD and its contents, with at least the same rigour as they had probed me on other such matters of a private and personal nature?

  38. Their abject failure to exercise that duty of care to the public, given the initial nature of the stop and search they were supposedly performing on me, demonstrates the sheer hypocrisy and folly of Project Servator’s facade, all in one fell swoop.

  39. For, just like Muad’Dib’s film had exposed the false narrative behind the false-flag 7/7 London Bombings of 7th July 2005, so too did His DVD label now shine The Light on Project Servator’s disingenuous objectives, and the false terror threat sham laid bare before the two RGP police officers.

  40. Given that I’d been stopped and then brought into the station specifically because of the terrorism threat, it seems very ironic indeed, that, when the male police officer, who caught me red-handed possessing a DVD specifically about terrorism, and terror attack bombings in London, somehow and in some way, saw fit to completely disregard its relevance to the reason for my detention.

  41. Why did neither of the police officers examine the content of the DVD, if they genuinely stopped me because of the terror threat?

  42. Why did the police officer not arrest me immediately upon seeing this DVD, on suspicion of possessing terrorist material?

  43. Surely such an unexpected discovery on a prime terrorist suspect, is highly relevant. Would it not make for an absolute prized find in the entire history of the RGP police detective fieldwork? It’s a valid question, and one that needs to be answered by the Police Complaints Board, if the board is to possess any integrity whatsoever. There is a clear case to answer here, about motives.

  44. Instead of confiscating the DVD, and arresting me for being in possession of suspected terrorist material, the police officer neglectfully put the DVD down like a hot potato, and instead wasted his time searching through my notebook looking for clues that I was a terrorist, when for the most part, it was chock-full of Holy Scripture references about Christ and His Second Coming.

  45. In selecting the notebook, instead of looking at the all too obvious DVD about Terrorism, he made reference to notes I had made about generators, and pumps, and looked at me suspiciously, as if I was some kind of a bomb-maker. The degree to which the male police officer probed me rigorously on this, while completely letting me get off the hook with the DVD I had in my possession, was never explained away. Therein lies the real clue about The Truth in all this.

  46. At some point soon after the WPC had completed her phone calls, a convivial looking Ian McGrail waltzed through the door, immediately saying hello to and smiling at me, and then instantly speaking privately with the WPC, out of my sight. Soon afterwards, the WPC came back and I was immediately told I was free to go. No mention was made of my appointment with Special Branch.

  47. Goodbyes and good wishes were said to both officers. By the end they had become quite friendly with me. Release time was before midday. Free outside the station, I decided not to listen to the National Day speeches after all, as I felt it best to notify The Real Protector4, JAH/Christ by email of the Madness of Casemates Square.

  48. Upon receiving my account, a few day’s later, Christ expressed His displeasure with me, that one or two of my answers to the police officers had fallen far short of what He would have expected from a Disciple of His. That’s a matter for me to address with Christ and Father, directly on an ongoing basis.

  49. All that said, however, Christ and I both agreed on the following four main points:

  50. That RGP and the two officers have a case to answer, as to why it was necessary for them to stop me in the first place, for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

  51. That despite some flaws in my answers, the initial hostile and intimidatory conduct of the male police officer was totally unwarranted.

  52. Crucially, given that this stop, search and detention occurred at a time of high security, under the guise of Project Servator (the protector), the question needs to be asked, as to why the two police officers deliberately chose not to question me about the terror attack DVD, when they probed me so rigorously on just about everything else.

  53. Christ and I both agree that some of the actions, as demonstrated in this case, were based on false and prejudicial stereotypical profiles the police service (RGP) hold of so-called Muslim terrorists. This is unhealthy and inspired by wider evil motives, about which RGP Senior Command Team members had previously been given prior warning by me, a mere three days earlier.5


Tony Farrell


Witness: JAH/Christ


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1 Psalm 2

2:1 Why do the unenlightened rage, and the people imagine a futile thing?

2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the “I AM”, and against His Anointed, (2 Esd. 13:34) [saying],

2:3 Let us break Their bonds asunder, and cast away Their cords from us.

2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall make fools of them.

2:5 Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and terrify them in His fury.

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2:7 I will declare the decree: the “I AM” hath said unto me, Thou [art] My Son; this day have I created for thee.

2:8 Ask of Me, and I shall give [thee] the unenlightened [for] thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth [for] thy possession.

2:9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel (Rev. 12:5).

2:10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

2:11 Serve the “I AM” with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

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