King of England

This article is about a very special letter sent recently from Christ –  King of England. The actual letter was sent a couple of months ago. It was addressed to a man holding one of the most potentially influential, yet  most unenviable jobs in the United Kingdom today. The addressee was Alan Billings, the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire Police. Here below is a replication of that very special letter to Alan.



The above calls for the necessary executions of the guilty, however, the most striking feature of the letter to Alan Billings is that it is authored by Christ – King of England. It shares similar characteristics with a letter to another Alan – Alan Turnbull – sent only a few months earlier. Christ, The King of Scotland authored that particular one. Details of “The King of Scotland’s letters can be accessed here. Both sets of letters are directly from Christ – The King of kings and Lord of lords – Who is here during His Second Coming to set the world straight.

That other Alan, is a current fraudulent Scottish judge from Edinburgh. Alan Billings and Alan Turnbull both need to take heed to these letters, as do the English and Scottish people, who all need to wake up to the truth behind their real identity as the British Israelites and The People of The Covenant. The British people are in fact TRUE Israel.

A careful study of the following two critically important articles on should dramatically help in that regard:-

Article 1
On The Way to Emmaus Again
(Scripture explained again the end of the 20th Century) by JAH

Article 2
The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms.

You may be asking “So why has Christ – King of England selected Alan Billings, of all people, to help reinstate The Law?”

After all,  Alan Billings isn’t even in charge of  one of the larger group of police forces from the forty-three constabularies throughout the whole of England and Wales.  Well for sure, God certainly works in mysterious ways, but  for an appreciation of how Christ’s powerful and highly controversial letter has come about, from my own close-up perspective, then please read on.

Let’s start with the cops. The notion that South Yorkshire Police are the “Achilles Heel,” within an utterly corrupt establishment, is a viewpoint I have long since held, ever since my sacking there in 2010. There are seven good reasons for having such a belief.

1. The headquarters of South Yorkshire Police are in Sheffield and in terms of the end-times in which we live, the city of Sheffield, as explained in stark terms in Article 1, is every bit as significant now as the little town of Bethlehem was 2,000 years ago. Back then, it was the Idumean counterfeit Jewish leadership and Roman Governors, in the neighbouring city of Jerusalem, that later conspired together to have Jesus Christ crucified. Two thousand years later and nothing has changed, except for the worse.

2. In 1984, South Yorkshire Police prostituted themselves, and became the government thug foot-soldiers used by Thatcher, to smash the working-class miners at the battle of Orgreave, and then cover-up their criminal misdemeanours with the riot-charges they wrongfully brought against 95 picketing miners.

3. South Yorkshire Police were again the tried and trusted government thug foot-soldiers, who were used by Thatcher to deliberately unleash Hillsborough in 1989, onto an unsuspecting British public, murdering 96 of their own kind, in the process.

4. Around the turn of the millennium, South Yorkshire Police were again to be used in an evil sociological government experiment. This time, it required a decade-long display of decadent local policing and inept intelligence gathering. Their mission was to spawn “Rotherham” and follow it up with “Sheffield”.  With reportedly over 1,400 Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) victims from Rotherham alone, their hidden agenda and wilful blindness enabled focus to divert away from corrupt politicians and judges, swinging it squarely onto young Asian men, who would be just one component part  in the overall manifestation of CSE criminality. The known-about 1,400 is probably only the tip of the iceberg, because usually only one in ten cases get reported.

5. South Yorkshire Police, via two of their former chief constables, and a select few of their jack-booted government thug foot-soldiers, played a full supporting role in the 7/7 false flag attacks in London in 2005.  In terms of promoting a Zionist-controlled bogus terror-threat construct, South Yorkshire Police are more guilty than any other force in the country for countenancing the perpetuation of this monstrous lie.

6. Back in 1986, South Yorkshire Police unjustly attacked Christ – King of England, and ever since have been placed under a curse from our Father in Heaven.

7. It just so happens that these days, at the helm of South Yorkshire Police, sits a prayerful Police and Crime Commissioner. To many people in the country, and especially those living in South Yorkshire, Alan Billings holds a job which must seem nothing more than a poisoned chalice.  To them, he has the unenviable task  of bringing to account, the chief constables of by far and away the most maligned and disgraced police force in the entire history of British policing.

From my own unusual “inside-out” vantage point, and contrary to popular belief, Dr. Billings has the best public sector job in the country, by a country mile. I say that because of the special calling he’s been given by God.  Perhaps his “Valley of Decision” is near. However, that could be said for each and every one of us, in many respects. But specifically for Billings’ calling, he must be obedient to the God in whom he claims to trust. He can change the course of history for the better here.  Citing a special “Prayer for the City” by quoting The Bible verses from Jeremiah 29:7, as he did, a couple of years ago, was a nice start.  He quoted from the weeping prophet, while sharing a platform with four other Police and Crime Commissioner election candidates. That was while debating about what to do with the “Rotherham” CSE blow-back situation. This happened before a televised audience in Sheffield. It made an immediate long-lasting impact on me, because I’m hoping he will strive to emulate Jeremiah and speak truth to power, and enforce God’s Law.

Ever since,  the former Anglican priest and Theologian scholar has been well and truly on my radar. My intention by prayerful means, was always to somehow secure a meeting with him.  Call it “Desperately Seeking Alan”, for want of a better phrase, but my repeated requests for a meeting with the doctor, would come to have a two-fold purpose.

A first objective for Billings, was to persuade him to instruct his then chief constable David Crompton to arrest Crompton’s predecessor,  former chief constable Meredydd Hughes. This would represent a big test for him. Such an arrest would be for committing an act of perjury before the Home Affairs Select Committee, in an inquiry into the Rotherham CSE issues. The former chief constable’s perjury offence happened on 9th September 2014. Failure to invoke the arrest of the “untouchable” Meredydd Hughes, especially when confronted with a clear-cut case, complete with compelling evidence, would be tantamount to Billings’ countenancing the perpetuation of wider corruption than just the Rotherham scandal. Of course, Dr. Billings knows this to be perfectly true, and so the time has come for him, as a leader, to walk the talk of South Yorkshire Police and inflict a touch of “Justice with Courage” onto his own kind.

The clear-cut case for that recommended course of action against Meredydd Hughes, was presented in a report which was initially addressed to Professor Drew. Dr. Billings had commissioned Professor Drew to investigate South Yorkshire Police’s role in the Rotherham CSE scandal. It was called The Drew Review. After reading this review, I responded with a report of my own. Dr. Billings was duly alerted to my report’s existence, as were members of the South Yorkshire Police Crime Panel.  “The Farrell Perspective of The Drew Review” documented my experience in connection with the Rotherham scandal during my days spent as the Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police. It can be downloaded here.


My second objective was to help Dr. Billings receive the true exposition of Jesus’ Parable of the Unjust Judge and the Persistent Widow, as given in Luke 18:1-8.  Earlier this week, after four years of prayerful perseverance, with the bosses from South Yorkshire Police, Dr. Billings granted me a future appointment scheduled for late October. Wonders will never cease.  What is more, the message coming back from Dr. Billings himself, was such  that he is even agreeable to a meeting with JAH / Christ present, too. That is provided that I think it would be beneficial. Naturally, I have already replied in the affirmative, and politely advised Dr. Billings to read The Way home or face The Fire, beforehand, in preparation for meeting JAH / Christ. I hope he takes my advice.

Meanwhile, Christ’s letter addressed to him on the 22nd August, still looms large over Mr. Billings. It supports and reinforces that second objective with particular reference to the question within Jesus’ parable outlined in verse 8, of Luke 18, “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith?”.  It seems to me that what is important for Dr. Billings here, is that he now explores the best way of fulfilling Christ’s objective for him, as outlined in the letter from The King of England, which is to save himself, and in so doing, help save others in the process, before it is too late.

To that end, Christ and I want Dr. Billings to make South Yorkshire Police the best force in the country. That much he could potentially do, almost overnight, but that will very much depend on whether or not Alan Billings takes heed and is courageous enough to act upon “The Best Advice On Earth” email, as previously given to, but ignored by, his former hapless chief constable, David Crompton.

Time alone will tell on that, and Father willing, a full update will follow in due course, upon completion of my long-awaited meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner of South Yorkshire Police.