Gibraltar’s Last National Day?

Tiny’s Police Pocket-book Diary

CHRIST’s Big Blue Banner


 03:00hrs – Awoke with a start.

Screenshot_2020-09-12_03-18-16I’d just had one of my famous dreams. This one was of a chubby-faced Fabian, and his storm-trooper monkeys clapping two of Dr. Death’s beloved GHA staff, for keeping Gibraltar so safe during our Global Covid 1984 Plandemic.

twilight zone eye of beholder 3

As most Gibraltarians  would have been fast asleep at this time of night,  a sudden urge was felt to switch on my droid and 4G router, and watch a not-so soothing episode of The Twilight Zone.  It’s the one called  ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

However, after watching through twice, and drinking a nice cup of PG Tips, I must have dozed back off again.

06:00hrs – Alarm Goes Off – What to Wear?

Mindful of the previous National Day Casemates Square Blues’ incident, and how two-years ago to-the-day, the Royal Gibraltar Police and the Gibraltar Police Authority  had found my blue-knitted woolen-hat and my favourite blue-hoodie so very sartorially challenging, I reckoned this time around that me sporting a decent dose of white, and a tiny injection of red, with the corrected Gibraltar flag on my cap, would offer me much better protection against potential conflict with the cops, and simultaneously affording me my best shot  of winning-over the bobbies on the beat. Neither wanting to look a fool, nor wishing to unnecessarily frighten Gibraltarians on their beloved day of false idol worship celebrations, my special trademark blue power-ranger muzzle-mask was temporarily ditched, and replaced instead by my old pair of Roddy Piper’s ‘They Live’ sun-glasses, as deployed in 7/7 Kollerstrom and Farrell Are Dead.


Tony Farrell and his Roddy Piper Sunglasses last deployed in 7/7 Kollerstrom and Farrell Are Dead – 2012.

06:30hrs – The Big Blue Banner Unleashed

With my sun-glasses kept on, my lamentable dexterity in affixing overly long poles properly to my big blue banner in a tiny dimly lit cabin, was proving quite a challenge, as was transporting my props safely from ship to shore, I warrant.


With the two poles and banner on my body’s back, three-thousand, three hundred and thirty-three paces were trekked before reaching my New Mole House Police Station destination point. It was just before sunrise.  The body was sat down across the road from the police HQ, and it waited for some nice cop to bring out the customary cup of PG tips.

8.00am Opposite New Mole House


Baldrick’s (Tony Robinson’s) cunning plan was to bother the bobbies with a two-hour Sitting-Bull vigil from 8am until 10am, but when bony Tony’s bottom got a bit too sore, he momentarily lost sight of what he was there to accomplish.  So when an Inspector skilled in fraud investigation techniques, arrived-up in his police vehicle, instead of greeting him with a nice good morning, as I most surely should have done,  Mr. Farrell waited for the Inspector to say hello, first, but the intrepid Inspector remained poker-faced, as he went inside HQ. Rebuking myself for missing a golden opportunity to speak with an Inspector already known to me, I stood the body up to attention and thereafter got my act together, and had a whale of a time engaging with  several of the convivial bobbies heading out on patrol in what transpired as a true spirit of Project Servator. Well done, on this occasion, to The Royal Gibraltar Police, I say, even though I did not get my usual cuppa, despite my hints.


The first highlight of three close encounters outside New Mole House  occurred when an amazingly graceful copper, who called me buddy, crossed the road in an ever-so-friendly manner, and then courteously asked me for permission to read my banner.  Permission was duly granted.  It was established that the officer already knew who I was, so there was no need for me to introduce myself, but I told him that sooner or later the cops from the RGP may have to decide whether to ‘Cross The Rubicon’, when the Cabal here on The Rock, mandate ‘Kill Bill’ Gates’ vaccines and the Policy Enforcers unleash all hell let loose on the general public.



I asked the police officer if he knew in what capacity I was all present and correct at the front of the police station on National Day. He said he did not know.  As the body was sat down beneath the banner, I indicated that I was a critical friend of the police, and pointed up above towards the banner’s signature above my head, which displayed the name of ‘CHRIST’. To lighten up my early morning vigil, I then proceeded to play Carol Vordeman’s popular COUNTDOWN with the uniformed police officer, and asked him to now take away the third and the last consonant letters. Then I asked him what four-letter word remained. The officer obliged me with my little game, and ‘C.H.I.S.’ came  back the reply. ‘Correct!’ I said, but meekly informed him that this Covert Human Intelligence Resource does not have a handler yet, and jokingly looked at him suggestively with a wink behind my sunglasses. He got my joke immediately, and smiled and wished me well with my pursuits.

Shortly afterwards yet another uniformed copper came over to greet me in a very friendly way with laughter and a thumbs-up, and he asked permission too, only this time it was to take a photograph of me with the banner.  Happily, I posed for the camera. Later on, I spoke at length with a thoughtful plain clothes detective, where the differences between cops here on the Rock and cops elsewhere in the UK, were casually contemplated while he had a smoke. We made reference to the cancelled Open Your Eyes protest in Gibraltar.

I briefed him about two recent events that had taken in ENGLAND involving the dim-witted UK police turning against Piers Corbyn and other peaceful protestors. The first occasion was at Trafalgar Square, where 35,000 protestors had converged. I had previously written to newly promoted Superintendent John Field of the same.





The second occasion occurred, when several hundred protestors converged upon the Peace Gardens in SHEFFIELD – my old stomping-ground. On both occasions, there was ‘trouble at mill’, and twice was Piers Corbyn shamefully arrested and fined ridiculous sums of money for bravely acting in the public interest, and for the good of humanity.



Continuing now with my New Mole House lone-ranger vigil, passers-by were hooting their horns in approval of CHRIST’s banner, and one Gibraltarian even stopped his car, walked over to me, and asked could he take a photograph, of me and CHRIST’s banner, while he was ‘effing and blinding’ about Fabian Picardo. Again I duly obliged.

While on the vigil, I saw Leo Olivero, the crime journalist from Panorama. He was driving by in his vehicle, but he appeared not to notice me and CHRIST’s banner, as his eyes were firmly fixed on the road ahead, while going the wrong direction towards Europa Point. If only I’d had the banner ‘Media is The Virus’, as deployed effectively in London, as shown above, I’d have flashed it at the intrepid journalist whom I’d class, like me,  as a critical friend of the RGP.

10:00hrs – Morning Vigil Complete

At 10am, I began the trek back into town, where police officers in the  patrol vans returning back to HQ, unexpectedly waved at me, which was a lovely experience for me.

At Casemates, I spoke with folks who were gadding about, and showed them the banner. Albert Gordon thought it was a marvelous thing to see. Others did too, and I once again bumped into the friendly and convivial copper who had earlier that morning taken the photograph of the banner outside the Police HQ. I told the police officer that I’d finished my morning shift, and so he asked me was I taking the banner out in the afternoon,  He was told that I intended to have it on display in Casemates. He said good, and wished me well with it.

14:00hrs – Afternoon Vigil at Casemates Commences

It was then time for a break, before the commencement of the afternoon shift where I was joined by Simon and Peter, and where we strategically placed CHRIST’S message above a Government display board which displayed the words ‘THE ONLY TRANSPORT THAT CAN TAKE YOU TO THE HIGHEST POINT’. 


A three-way lament was had  about the previous day’s cancellation of the Open Your Eyes protest, which was meant to have been a follow-up event, stemming from the well-organised and perfectly peaceful protest which former police officer Clive Borrell spear-headed back in June.

Screenshot_2020-09-11 Scores march down Main Street voicing anger over Govt measures(1)

Peter and I asked our friend Simon McIntosh, who administers the very informative and educational 5GGUA face-book site,  if he could help facilitate a meeting with Clive Borrell. Sincerely,  we hope Simon can do what Simon says. Clive are you watching, please?

Simon mentioned Fabian Picardo’s latest risible Covid 1984 rhetoric, where Fabian’s deviously sly play on words mentioned Gibraltarians all ‘sticking together’. And there was me, thinking somehow we were all supposed to be social distancing, according to Fabian’s dictates.




As a threesome, we chewed-the-cud together for quarter-of-an hour, and contemplated the future of The Rock, against the backdrop of this Machiavellian ‘plandemic’, within which the Government of Gibraltar, aided and abetted by Dr. Death, are fully complicit in administering this evil within our midst.

EVz4GXQVcAcyPLE.jpg large

This they do, by their abject failure to oppose the Global Cabal’s propaganda machine in action.  I informed Simon that I had turned up at the venue for the previous day’s cancelled protest, and found just one solitary inspector / chief inspector from the RGP keeping watch.

I described to Simon how I had engaged with the patrolling Inspector/Chief Inspector (I could not see how many pips he was wearing).  This was with respect to information which may or may not be germane to the notion of ‘agent provocateurs’, which was itemised as one of the main reasons for the Open-Your-Eyes event’s cancellation.

My thoughts now turn to the day after National Day, the infamous 9/11 date, which every year brings back my own personal memories of the last time when the police and I parted company over our diametrically opposed interpretations of  ‘Peelian’ principles.


To Be Continued shortly . . . Father willing.

 P.S Black Lives Matter is a massive global police-state sponsored psyop. People of Gibraltar, wake up to the evil within our midst before it becomes too late. Something smells fishy in Gebal Teriq.

Gibraltar joins ‘Black Lives Matter’ global demonstrations



P.P.S. The full argument which supports CHRIST’S message on the deployed big blue banner with CHRIST’s name on it, can be read on the Defending Gibraltar web-pages, via the link here.