It is recommended that the families of the 96 instigate proceedings to put Andy Hymas on trial in the form of the first  of JAH’S GRAND JURY TRIALS, operating strictly under God’s Law, for bearing false witness / committing perjury, over the Hillsborough Disaster, for the last 31 years.







Author: Tony Farrell             Date: 21st September 2020


Sponsor: JAH , Christ in His Second Coming            



The purpose of this report is as follows:


  • To provide analysis and commentary for family members of the 96 regarding the Andy Hymas / Walter Jackson situation, with specific reference to the statement Andy Hymas compiled in conjunction with the fully complicit Operational Resolve on 27th  March 2014.


  • To compare and contrast this Operation Resolve statement from 2014, with the one Andy Hymas made before West Midlands Police on 19 May 1989.



One of the most critically important, and safely guarded secrets about Hillsborough, concerns an interview which took place in 2014.    The interview occurred just a few short days before the start of the Birchwood Inquests. In the interview itself, a dastardly disclosure of a catastrophically cowardly kind occurred.  It concerned David Duckenfield’s boss, the operational commander on that fateful day, who was none other than an Assistant Chief Constable.  



Lily-livered Walter ‘Nine Lies’ Jackson was his name. Jackson  had responsibility for overall control of planning and operational policing on the day, but  Walter ‘Nine Lies’ Jackson’s name is soon set  to become infamous for cowering under a table at still vital moments of that fateful day, and then having the audacity to devote the remaining thirty-one years ever since, spinelessly playing his devious part in the orchestration of a cover-up of his previous gutless under-the-table exploits, and the reason for it.  Behold, Jackson and Company are heading for bigger falls than Niagara, which was the name of the location where the cover-up operation first started in earnest, hours after the under the table incident.


This is the smoking gun.  The key to unlocking the nature of this pivotal aspect of the cover-up derives from the statement bravely acquired by EDMUND, earlier this year.  The statement is the product of former Deputy Press Officer Andy Hymas, who arrived at the stadium on the fateful day alongside David Duckenfield, but departed from it with a haunting picture of his hopelessly compromised Assistant Chief Constable embedded firmly in his memory forever and a day. Shamefully, Andy Hymas’ disclosure appears to have been deliberately kept well-away from all the families most probably by Birnberg and Peirce solicitors, until it got prised it away from Marcia Willis Stewart,  thanks to the intrepid investigations of EDMUND in the early part of 2020.



Doubt it not, the implications arising from that one disclosure are massive, and dare I say it, hold the key to finally unlocking  The Truth about Hillsborough  and bringing those guilty of the "Unlawful Killing" to justice, through real trials with all the facts revealed, instead of covered-up, and convictions for their crimes, thus finally getting justice for the 96.  It provides, in conjunction with 'The Hillsborough Ripple Effect' Documentary film, a platform for aiding the families’ understanding of the true nature of the establishment’s cover-up, which extends well-beyond a handful of Senior Officers from South Yorkshire Police. It’s a development that single-handedly renders the 31-year old positions of the police service, the ENTIRE criminal justice system, and all successive governments from 1989 to present, as indefensible from each and every angle on their wretchedly warped squares and moral-less compasses.  Enough is enough, and the gloves are off.  Shame on the lot of you, for your treasonous, deceptive ways. Mark my words, your collective time to face justice is nigh.




This section contains the following three items:


  • The analysis of his two statements in a comparative context by the Former Principal Intelligence Analyst from South Yorkshire Police;


  • The statement of Andy Hymas 2014;


  • The statement of Andy Hymas 1989.





In his 2014 statement to Operation Resolve, Andy Hymas made the following stark admission. While seemingly in the process of searching for the whereabouts of match commander David Duckenfield, Andy Hymas witnessed former ACC Walter W. Jackson hiding under a table/bench in a compromised state.


Regardless of the context in which this startling admission was made during the Operation Resolve interview, the scandalous nature of that piece of evidence alone, could and should have had enormous ramifications running into both the second inquest, and any future criminal trial. It didn't. It got shamefully deliberately covered-up.


Hymas’ own initial attempts to gain entry into the room, inside of which former ACC Walter Jackson was hiding in his compromised state, had initially been thwarted by a police officer, even though Andy Hymas had identified himself to those inside, when first seeking to gain entry.


Andy Hymas claimed in 2014 to not know which room it was, where he discovered former ACC Walter Jackson, in such a compromised state. In 2009, he told me it was the Police Control Box.


Andy Hymas explicitly stated that there were other witnesses to the incident without going so far as to name them.


Andy Hymas told others in South Yorkshire Police about what he witnessed.


The FACT that this vitally important information about the state of the most senior police officer in the stadium that day, never once surfaced at any of the hearings, starkly demonstrates ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’, just how absolutely corrupt all aspects of the British Criminal Justice System have become.


That this admission did not lead to the immediate arrest of Andy Hymas; for committing a serious act of perjury by omission and misconduct in public office, in his earlier 1989 witness statement; is also a scandal of the first magnitude and needs to be confronted head-on as an issue, by the families of the 96.


The sheer gravity of the situation arising a few days before the start of the new inquests and the massive implications of what Andy Hymas was saying, demanded answers to the following questions, which until now appear never to have been asked by the highly paid investigators of Operation Resolve.


  • Why did Andy Hymas not mention this under the table incident incident in his first statement in 1989?


  • Why did it need a prompt from IO Calvert from Operation Resolve in the 2014 interview, for Andy Hymas to eventually admit to witnessing a gravely serious incident during what were still vital moments of the fateful day in 1989?


  • In which room did the witnessing of the Walter Jackson under the table incident occur? Andy told the author of this report in 2009, that it was the Police Control Box.

  • What time did Andy Hymas witness the Walter Jackson under the table incident?


  • Who else was in the room with Walter Jackson at the time, trying to cover it all up?


  • Who in particular prevented Andy Hymas from gaining access to the room in the first place?


  • Did this incident get registered in the Andy Hymas' notebook? If not, why not?


  • Who else specifically in South Yorkshire Police did Andy Hymas share details of what he witnessed with?


  • Did Andy Hymas try to tell his boss Lindsay MacFarlaine? Is that why she was disciplined, by the Senior Command Team and Superintendent Pratt, over Hillsborough?


  • Why did the Operation Resolve Team give Andy Hymas such an easy ride in his interview?


  • Why wasn't Andy Hymas immediately arrested in 2014 for clearly having perjured himself in his first statement given in 1989?


  • Why did this evidence not see the light of day at any subsequent court hearing; and is this under the table compromised situation the real reason why Walter Jackson was shielded from having to answer any adversarial questions at the inquest, and why he was never called to Duckenfield's trial?


  • Why did this statement not get shown at the Inquest presided over by GOLDRING which started just a few days later? The Hillsborough Inquest Team had access to my own statement to remind them of the vital importance of this incident.


  • Why has it taken until the early part of 2020, for any of the families to become sighted on this incriminating statement?


  • Why were all the Press Office staff disciplined in the immediate aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster, and what was the real reason for Senior Officers in SYP, to fire Andy Hymas’ boss, Lindsay MacFarlaine.





Former Deputy Press Officer ANDY HYMAS, who was on duty at Hillsborough on 15 April 1989, has committed extremely serious acts of perjury and misconduct in public office, in knowingly protecting former ACC WALTER W. JACKSON by covering-up the truth about JACKSON's cowardly compromised position. JACKSON was  the senior police officer, in charge of police planning and policing operations on the day, whom ANDY HYMAS eventually discovered locked inside a room where JACKSON was cowering under a table, in the presence of other police officers. This was at a crucial moment during the day of the Hillsborough Disaster. This is borne out by making a direct comparison of two contrasting and conflicting witness statements ANDY HYMAS made in 19891 and then in 20142 , and also by reason of what he divulged to me in 20093 in the staff canteen at SYP Police HQ.






1] Towards the end of ANDY HYMAS' 2014 statement, HYMAS officially admits that he did indeed discover someone cowering under a table in some room or other at the Hillsborough Football Ground on 15 April 1989. That someone, he believes, was the former Assistant Chief Constable (Operations) WALTER JACKSON, who was located inside a room where other police officers had previously been trying to prevent ANDY HYMAS from gaining entry. His scant and unhelpful statement continuation thereafter, after he had just been found out and exposed, reveals that he had, and still has, every intention to countenance the perpetuation of the deceit and cover-up, and obfuscate at every opportunity, in order to cover-up the truth about Walter Jackson, and further deprive the long-suffering families of the 96, of the truth and justice, which they seek and deserve.

Instead of answering the $64,000 question, in response to being presented with exhibit, reference no. IO 51172/2, he diverts the discussion towards his apparent uncertainty of the room location of Jackson's compromised state, which is scarcely believable.